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The New York Musical Theatre Festival 2011-This One Girl’s Story

I met Bil Wright, author of “Putting Makeup On The Fat Boy” and many other books too numerous mention, a few weeks ago. We contacted him regarding a review in Publisher’s Weekly regarding his latest book. When we met, regarding working on publicity together, I realized that this was a totally gifted, authentic human being, and when I read a few of his books I knew I was right on. They are great! Terrific. Up to this point they have been written for YA gay readers, but they are definitely mainstream books. The problems in the gay community are many and the same in the straight community. Why let labels separate us and our books. I can see why Mr. Wright has won so many prestigious awards, such as the Junior Library Guild Award Winner.

Then Bil mentioned that he had written the Book and Additional Lyrics for “This One Girl’s Story.” I told him I was going to see the musical and I did, I saw it last night at the McGinn/Cazale Theatre on W. 76th Street and Broadway. The musical was devine, in the sense it made me laugh, cry, resonate with all of the characters. There were 4 dynamite female leads, some minor characters, but all, all of them were powerhouses and what I call firecrackers. Their voices amazing: Zonya Love Johnson (The Color Purple); Angela Grovey (The Wiz); Danielle K. Thomas (Avenue Q and Desiree Rodriguez (Tricks The Devil Taught Me). A fine ensemble cast.

Although the problems were of gay, black and Hispanic backgrounds, I could resonate with all of the problems they were facing. Again, this musical is mainstream and so many people, besides myself, could identify with all of their challenges.

They are performing this piece for a few more performances: Please go see it! You will be amazed as I was.
The New York Musical Theatre Festival is in its 8th year and beginning in 20l2 the Festival will run in July. The price is right and the talent is unstoppable. Go support a wonderful thing!!!

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