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The value of a human being

The Value of a Human Being

Like many others throughout the country, I have been deeply affected
by Occupy Wall Street. It has raised important questions:

What is the value of a human being? What is a just wage? Is our current economy
conducive to human flourishing?

Wall Street has had great influence on the economy, media, and
presidential elections in this country. And it’s exciting to see
people getting up and doing something about what they believe, in
peaceful but influential ways. In many ways, these current events are a
good opportunity for us to reflect on our own lives.

How do we treat our co-workers and neighbors? Do we respect one
another? Are we honest and genuine, or do we lie, cheat and manipulate
to get what we want? Are we so concerned about profit that we will get
it at any cost? Even at the expense of human dignity, justice, or the
truth? These questions come up often in publicity, where only too many
publicists are quick to twist the truth to get the results they want.
People listening to the news or watching TV can quickly become
skeptical, even cynical, about what they’re hearing. They pick up on
inconsistencies, problems getting swept under the rug, and masked
lies. The lesson here is don’t believe everything you see and hear. Find
trusted news sources online such as CommonDreams.Org.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the motives and principles
of Occupy Wall Street, these current events are a reminder that it is
important to be loving and respectful in how we relate to people and
the world. How can we peel back the layers of masks and become
authentic and genuine? How can we conduct our business with courtesy,
honesty, and respect? How can we work with an ethic of goodness and
dignity? These are just a few of the questions Occupy Wall Street
brings close to home.

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