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Our Christmas wish to you-Learning to be vulnerable

Learning to be Vulnerable 

Reaching out can be scary, especially when we’ve been encouraged to be independent and autonomous our whole lives. We live in a culture that celebrates individual freedom, sometimes at the expense of community ties. But when the going gets rough, we quickly realize that we need other people in our lives. This need is not a weakness. We were made this way. We are relational, integrated, people with incredible potential for deep feeling and profound connection.

To be honest, I am so used to doing everything myself and being independent that when I had a health issue this past week, I was humbled to realize that I could not go through healing alone. The issue was not resolving on its own, and I needed support. I thought it would be a piece of cake, that I could sail these rough waters alone, but I was wrong.

I felt vulnerable. I needed assistance in mobility, and I had to reach out. But would people be there for me? I don’t hesitate being there for others, but that does not always mean they will be there for you (or at least that was my fear). 

But it got me thinking. Why does it so often take something extreme for us to acknowledge our interconnection, our need for close ties and strong community bonds? Are you even aware that you need assistance in your business or personal life? Are you so used to doing everything yourself, to never having to depend upon anyone, that you actually think you do not need anyone else? But what will happen when you realize you are not as strong as you thought you were? Will that be okay? 

It is never too late to reach out. Whether it is in your business, in running your daily errands, in school, or in your personal life. You can always reach out to others and extend a hand of friendship and support. Being strong does not mean you are an island, or a rock, or a solo musician. It means you are willing to be vulnerable.

Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski

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