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On this New Year’s Eve-What is it, after all, that we want?


What is it, after all, that we want?

Today is New Year’s Eve, and if we are not making party plans, most of us are probably grabbing pens and pads of paper—or iPods—to sketch out our New Year’s Resolutions. And, if you are a chef, filmmaker, author, or athlete, you are probably wondering how you can make 2012 the year that things change.

What are you going to do differently? Are you going to organize and clean your office space, clear away the clutter so you can finally write those last chapters? Are you going to try out a new training regimen, improve your diet, and practice even harder at your sport? Or are you going to take up something as simple as piano lessons again? (Sometimes, learning the basics can help even the wildest of rockers rock even harder.)

Do you believe you are making a valuable contribution to the world? Do you even want to? Or have you found that it’s been overwhelming just getting your daily life in order? What kind of influence do you have on others, and what kind of influence do they have on you?

As we enter 2012, these are some of the questions that often swirl through the heads and hearts of creative artists and producers. Do you want to try something new and challenge yourself in ways you never have before, or do you want to perfect and master the project or art form you’ve already dedicated so much of your life to? In short, what will it take to move forward?

We here at Sherri Rosen Publicity want to simplify the many questions that haunt artists and authors and creative think tanks alike into one simple question. It’s about serving. Looking back on 2011, how have you best served yourself and others, and how can you continue to do so in 2012? In other words, how can you encourage and strengthen others through your career and your projects? At the end of the day, no movie or book or dance performance will be of much value if it does not inspire and uplift, encourage others; if it doesn’t touch the heart of being human. Isn’t that, after all, what we’re after?


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