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Redhead’s Blog-Working for that First Down

Working for that First Down 

So the Super Bowl happened (Go Giants!!), and  scores of Americans gathered with family and friends in living rooms and pubs for what the annual pastime of watching two teams battle it out over a pigskin on a 100-yard-long field.  Passing sodas, beer, nachos and hors d’oeuvres, piled on couches in the living room, or lined up at the bar, folks around the country find the Super Bowl a great excuse to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of family and friends. But what is it, exactly, that we celebrate between the goal lines and goal posts, if not teamwork?

To watch a game of football is to witness 11 players working in an incredible interlocking teamwork. Sometimes, to watch a game of football is to experience teamwork. From hosting the afternoon party with your spouse, lover, yourself,  to collaborating the potluck, to pool resources, put heads together, and team up to make the Super Bowl Sunday a good one—these are nothing less than feats of teamwork.

In business, relationships, and friendships, sometimes two people are on two different pages. Then What? What should you do? Do you walk away, or do you try to work it out? When there is a problem, what happens in your friendships, love relationships, business relationships? Or what happens when things are going well, when there is fluidity?

Teamwork is a challenge, but it is worth the work. What good is a business agreement or a relationship if people back out as soon as the going gets rough? When people work together as a team, incredible goals can be accomplished. The interdependence, the common purpose, the encouragement of mutual and individual accountability—these are only a few of the benefits of teamwork. When there is a clarity of roles and who contributes what, amazing objectives can be achieved.

And so one small reflection on this Sunday’s Super Bowl Game is that teamwork is worth celebrating. To work jointly can bring people into deeper friendship, deeper love. To collaborate in a project can bring business to greater heights. Teamwork is worth fighting for. 

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