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Redhead’s Rap-Michael Beckwith’s Workshop at Middle Collegiate Church, NYC-March 30 & 3lst

I went to the workshop over the weekend and it was amazing and inspiring.

The first time I saw Michael Beckwith was on Oprah’s tv show when she had teachers that were involved with “The Secret”. It’s funny, but I wasn’t really interested in “The Secret” because I felt folks would take it the wrong way and use it for their materialistic sensibilities, but I was taken by Rev. Beckwith. He seemed like what I call “the real deal” and he is. I saw that for myself this past weekend.

He and his wife, Rickie, are a team. It feels like Michael is the head center and Rickie is the heart center, and with both of them together they make beautiful music together. Although individually they have all of the qualities that make them so alive. Rev. Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of the transdominational spiritual center in Los Angeles called Agape International, which also has live streaming of their services on Sunday and Wednesday. Ricki leads their 200 member choir, along with having a beautiful voice while rockin on the piano. Rev. Beckwith has appeared on “Oprah” with “The Secret”, Larry King Live and CNN and has his own radio show on Hay House radio.

Rev. Beckwith did a teaching on his new book “life visioning” published by Sounds True. He created the Life Visioning process to be a transformational technology applying deep inquiry and spiritual practice to enable the growth, development and unfoldment of your soul. He goes into detail in the book on how to do this with the guidance of meditation and his process carefully explained to you.

The head minister of Middle Church, NYC, is Jacqui Lewis, and what a powerful person she is totally dedicated to human rights and being involved in NYC community and the world community.

Having the workshop at this church, was a great choice. Another wonderful blend of like minded people. We not only listened to the teachings, but we were invited to ask questions, to sing, to dance, to laugh, to cry. It was an environment created that was safe to be your authentic self. And that’s what Michael and Rickie are. Authentic.

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