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Make the Sky the Limit!!!!

Make the Sky the Limit!!!! by Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski

What a relief: that moment when you realize you can be completely vulnerable and honest with someone. No camouflage. No masks. No false fronts. Just the real, no-frills you. Being loved and accepted for who you are—faults and flaws, glories and beauties together—is one of the most freeing encounters we can experience. So why is it that we are not more honest and accepting with ourselves?

To be completely open and honest with ourselves can be surprisingly difficult. Is self-esteem really self-esteem if it pretends that there is no need for growth, healing, or change? So often, we ignore our own faults and weaknesses while simultaneously thinking positively about ourselves. But it’s not honest.

Being totally honest with ourselves, without any reservations, is one of the most exciting and important things we can do. To recognize our weak spots and shortcomings, but to still know that there is so much that makes up who we are that is beautiful, dazzling, and even romantic, can often take great courage. In order to be matter-of-fact and forthright with ourselves, our hearts have to be open. We have to make the sky the limit. There is a freedom and exuberance that comes with accepting ourselves as we are while simultaneously acknowledging our faults and striving to grow.

The sky is the limit. If we want to, and if we never give up, we can spend our whole lives working to grow into the kind of people we were meant to be. We can enroll in the classroom of life where we are constantly discovering better ways to love others, serve our community, and do the best work we can do—and all the while, loving ourselves, knowing that our life is worth living.

But growth will never happen if we are not honest with ourselves. We cannot sweep things under the rug. We have to pull our skeletons out of the closet. In order to live genuinely, we must be genuine. It’s that simple. And it can start in the most simple ways. All it takes is the courage to admit when we are wrong, to love without holding back, and to never give up. Make the sky the limit!!!!

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