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Have all of our relationships become business deals?

In the whirlwind of commerce, socializing, and late nights out, it can be difficult to discern what we really value and consider important. For example, sometimes when people say they “invest” in relationships it almost sounds like they really mean it. They’re investing in people the way they invest in the stock market. It’s risky, but could help them in the long run. But doesn’t this ring just a little bit self-centered?

Have all our personal relationships become business deals—“I will do something for you, if you do something for me”? Have all of our friendships become little more than networking? And have our business agreements been reduced to the lowest common denominator, the Almighty Dollar? What do people consider to be important in their personal relationships and in how they run their businesses? What has happened to people’s hearts?

It can be such a beautiful thing to remember who our clients are, what they love, and why they’re working with us. It can be so profitable—emotionally, spiritually, and relationally—to remember that people are more important than things. Our “stuff” was made for people: people were not made for stuff. Experiences are more important than things. But how can we keep our hearts from closing down? How can we tap into the deepest riches of human experience? How can we live from our hearts, and not just our heads?

How freeing it can be to love people and our work for their inherent worth, rather than for what we can get out of them. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised at how richer our lives will be, how much more satisfying our careers will be, and how much sweeter our relationships will be. We no longer will be people who will “do anything” to get what we want; rather, we will be the kind of people who will “do anything” for our clients, our friends, and those we love.

Work should not be a prison. Marriage should not be a ball and chain. And all the people we meet throughout our lives, all the relationships we can foster, and all those we love, should not be pawns in a bigger game. When we open ourselves to the possibility of loving without expecting anything in return we open ourselves up to live the best life possible. Love audaciously!

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One Response to “Have all of our relationships become business deals?”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Well done Sherri. You’re touching on issues relating to many things, one in particular is boundaries.

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