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Having BOOM in your life

You must be wondering “what is she talking about boom in your life?”

That boom is when someone or something makes you go weak in the knees, comes into your life unexpectedly and makes you feel quite like you have never felt before.

Examples: it could be the passion you feel when you meet a new partner, it could be a creative project you have been germinating on and then it comes full force.  When BOOM comes into my life I have to go for it, check it out, have no regrets whether it works or not.

Boom is like firecrackers in the 4th of July. Some fizzle and others are amazingly brilliant. If you don’t stay open to BOOM in your life it will either disappear or it just won’t happen.

B is for brilliant
O is for over the moon
O is for out of this world
M is for Magic

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Don’t lose that BOOM!

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