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What just happened?

How many times have you ever said what just happened?

It happens after you read an amazing book, watch a movie that blows you away, meet someone that you instantly have a powerful connection with, or a complete stranger starts ranting and raving to you in the street, or the sound of some new music has you dancing on your feet.

The common thread here is the element of surprise and spontaneity. If we stay out of our way, stay open, and not allow our mind to take over to think and control and manipulate the what just happened is there all the time.

A few weeks ago I went to see a Wes Anderson film called “Moonrise Kingdom.” I was captivated for 2 hours totally taking me out of my thinking brain and taking me on a journey of wonder and amazement.  When the film was over I just sat there and looked at my friends saying “what just happened?”

I have met complete strangers, having amazing conversations, crying together, sharing experiences while knowing we would never see one another again.  This is all about living in the moment.

If you are living with constant fear and anxiety, or always trying to control and regulate and maneuver a situation, forget about living in the moment. Life is an adventure and it’s up to us to either go with the flow and not put cold water on an amazing, fiery experience that could leave you breathless.

The trick is it happens when you least expect it.

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