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What happens when we don’t teach our boys about sex?

Boys grow up in our culture witnessing the objectification of women.

But what do they see in their family?  Do they see if they have 2 parents, that they are loving to one another?
Does one of the parents or both, again if they have any both parents, sit down with their boy and explain the difference between f*cking,  making love, and tell them making love may have nothing to do with f*cking.
Do young boys know anything about romance?  Or is it just the let’s get to it and f*ck one another?  Do they understand the value of friendship and how the friendship can turn into genuine love for the other person.
Or do they see certain people are for friendship and the others are for f*cking?  Do they classify different groups to be with regarding doing different activities?
activities.  One group is for hanging out and smoking pot, another is for hanging out and watching the guys and gals go by and objectifying them and making comments to them as they walk in the street. Are these young boys different in their actions with different people?
Do our young boys see respect in the family?  Do they actually see kindness to one another.  Are their sisters and other brothers just there to be used for whatever reason.  Does sexual abuse go on in the family and everyone keeps quiet?
Do they understand about commitment and what that means?  Do they learn about it through a sport they are involved in, through seeing how their respective parent or parents treat one another?  Are folks in the family there for one another?
This article came to be written by a lovely response I received from a gentlemen who read one of my older articles  in “The Good Men Project” called
“F*cking or Making Love: What’s the Difference Men”?  This gentlemen seemed to be on the same page as me and wondered how are our young boys being raised to understand any of these differences.  It was such a lovely response to my article that I wanted to write about what he spoke of, and thank him for his lovely comment, which got me to write this article.
I don’t have any answers but I am just curious as to how our young boys are being raised now and would so appreciate comments on my article.  What’s your feeling on what happens when we don’t teach our boys about sex?
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