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You are not alone!!! (also on audio)

It’s Sunday. But maybe, like me, you did not wake up to pancakes and groovy music. Maybe, like so many, you woke up just thankful for a moment to catch your breath, a chance to recover from another long and grueling week. Sometimes life throws hard punches. Sometimes deadlines are literally, not just metaphorically, crunching. And sometimes you’ve had it up to here (your hand is gesturing to, oh, about eye level).

I’ve got news for you.

You are not alone. All around the patchwork quilt of United States people are waking up and rubbing their eyes, afraid to pull back the curtains, afraid to wake up to defeat. But the one thing we can never do is settle for second best. If your dream was to become a best selling author and your book ended up going out of print—it is not too late! If you always wanted to produce a film using that script you wrote in college, but then life got the better of you—it is not too late!

Never settle. Like the Olympians, who strive and struggle every day, no matter how many times they’ve suffered defeat, you too can wrestle and run for the gold. Success takes labor—day labor—but it is possible. Sometimes you might even have to go it alone, but it’s still possible. You can win. But victory never happens when we settle.

No silver. No bronze. Shoot for the gold. In your relationships, in business, in your creative moments—reach to the heights, strive to make the dream come true! Deep breaths, a fresh drawing pad, a clean Excel spreadsheet, and a little honesty and courage, and we can make our dream projects realities. If we never settle, we could rebuild broken relationships. Heck, we could  rebuild cities. Rome wasn’t built on shrugging shoulders and a tired surrender.

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