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I don’t know why this keeps happening? (also on audio)

How many times have you said to yourself or someone else “I don’t know why this keeps happening?

And, that’s where it begins and ends.  Do you ever sit with yourself and wonder why does it keep happening?

What I am speaking about here is a negative pattern that keeps occurring in your life.  It’s not enough to just
say “I don’t know why it keeps happening?”  But it takes guts and courage and responsibility to sit with yourself
and find out why this pattern keeps occurring.  No blame on others, no more denial, no more being so self involved that you don’t realize the effect you are having on others by your negative behavior.

Believe me, I have made many a mistake, and I have had negative patterns in my life where the same occurrence would happen over and over.  But I went deeper than the question of “I don’t know why this keeps happening?”  And it has been painful to find the truth, because you will get your answer if you try hard enough.  The good thing is that you can change  your behavior and your outcome and cultivate patterns that bring positive experiences into your life.

You may be great in business but have horrible intimate relationships, or the other way around, you may be great in your relationship but horrible in business.  Find out why.

Many people are against therapy. I am not sure why, but I have found it of great benefit for me.  It’s having an objective party listen to me and help me see things I might have been blind to in the past.  And, it’s having a support system.  Either going it alone or being part of couples therapy.

But the most important issue in all of this is being honest with yourself and others.  How do you get to that honesty?  By not accepting the bullshit that you have told yourself all of these years.

I wish you a great life.  It will be filled with challenges, but may it be filled with love, honesty, courage and adventure and most of all, may you be kind to yourself and others.

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