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So you haven’t settled

So you haven’t settled, and your art studio is back in the black.
Heck, you can even afford to hire a second hand. Or maybe your film is
getting good press, and selling like hot cakes. Or your book is going
into a second printing. How does that one Tom Petty song go? “Out into
the great wide open, under the skies of blue
.” In short, things are
looking good.

But you are not used to things looking good. Blue skies and book
contracts and great headlines have never been in your stars before.
It’s only too easy, you might think, to ruin this. You are not used to
good things. The pressure of the public is hard-pressing. The anxiety
of paying the bills is gone, but with it went one of the greatest
drives to create: survival.

Have things ever gone really well in writing, business, relationships,
only to get you scared? Sometimes it can almost be like you are afraid
of happiness. Do you ever find yourself making excuses, getting angry,
pushing everything away—all those things you’ve always wanted—and you
do not even know why?

Maybe it’s right when things going great at the office that your
marriage begins to fall apart. Or maybe it’s when the umpteenth
publishing house has refused your fifth manuscript attempt that you
finally meet the man of your dreams. Or maybe you’ve finally landed
the big contract, and now you have writer’s block. In short, so often
when success comes our way, we can start screwing up like crazy.

There is hope in the madness. Sometimes, even when the going seems
great, even when the skies are blue, we need to remember the basics.
Who am I? What do I believe? What are my muses? How can I bring that
beautiful fire back into my heart? It’s never to late to break a bad
pattern, even a bad pattern in the midst of success. Maybe it will
take a trip to Guatemala. Or maybe it will take a serious purge.

 Who knows? Maybe to rediscover your sense of equilibrium and
joy, you just need to visit Starbucks? But it’s
never too late!
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