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Give Me Your Truth-A publicist on self-promotion-YUCK! by Sherri Rosen & Tyler Blanski


You probably dread self promotion—unless you are the stalwart of the writing-and-publicity avant-garde. Self-promotion is hard—day labor, day and night. Honestly, the whole process can be, well, difficult. This is at least what I have learned with publishing my new ebook, Give Me Your Truth.

It’s ironic, really: a professional New York City Publicist dreading and dragging my feet to promote my own book. I think the reason it’s been so hard for me, a publicist, to rev up some publicity for my own book, is simple: Self-promotion is nasty business. You feel like you’re calling attention to yourself. You feel a little self-absorbed. You are unsure of how you are coming across to your audience—especially your friends and family.   Yuck.  This is the last word you will hear from me about my book, unless I hire a publicist.  I don’t have time to do my own publicity.  I am working so damn hard on behalf of my clients.

Give Me Your Truth is a collection of musings and memoirs from my world – a simple New York City publicist. ?I try to be as honest as possible in my approach to publicity. In a world of so many lies, so much bullshit, I’ve learned that transparency is refreshing, needed. And so the book is open, vulnerable, real, and transparent. I wouldn’t want to publish anything less. Writing a book is one thing, but promoting it is a whole other thing.

Publishing Give Me Your Truth has given me a fresh appreciation for how difficult it is for my clients to promote their own work. At the end of the day, it can be so freeing to have someone else blow the trumpets and grab the media’s attention.

Have you grown weary of promoting your own work? Are you tired of not getting the results or the sales you are looking for? Maybe your last self-promotion campaign was your last stand. Is it time to close up shop? Or maybe you realize you suck a self-promtion.  But what if you could have your book sales soar in the meantime? What if by doing no self-promotion your book could gain remarkable publicity?

This is where author-friendly publicity comes in. You don’t need to pull out the leather or lace to grab people’s attention. You can simply enjoy a few friendly phone calls with a publicist who cares, and she’ll do the work for you. Your life will be a lot less stressed, your calendar will be a lot more open, and your heart will be light—at least, that’s what I hope.

By working hard for authors, producers, and artists, I hope to win for them the publicity their work deserves. But I also hope to make their lives simply better. No frills, no lace—just better. Sometime writing and self-promotion and writing just do not go hand in hand. And that’s where I want to come in and help.

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