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Why do we try to put on colorful masks when we really feel like sh*t?

Why do we try to put on colorful masks when we really feel like sh*t

Have you ever faked it? Have you ever pretended to be happier or healthier than you really felt? Sometimes, when we are honest with ourselves, we realize that we have not been living the way we want to. And only too often our first impulse is to “save face.”

Maybe it has been a long week, and we are just plain exhausted. Or maybe we are not over the break up, and when we bumped into our ex at the grocery store or club, it brought back a wave of unsolicited emotions. Or maybe, we just can’t seem to get out of bad habits, ruts, or a pay grade. The point is, sometimes we try to look happy, strong, or content, even if the truth is quite the opposite.

My question is: why are we not honest? Why do we try to put on colorful masks and wear costumes? Why are we afraid to reveal our vulnerability, even to people we love and trust? For men it might look like trying to be macho or virile, when really they are just oh so human. For women, it might look like we are strong career-driven and successful, yet we are also oh so human.

It’s okay for us to be authentic. In fact, it can be downright refreshing. The human heart is set free to grow and heal when it is authentic and genuine. It’s okay to run to your friends, family, or loved one for help. In all likelihood, they will not bite. Heck, it feels good for our loved ones to feel needed, especially if they are so used to you being strong all the time—male or female.

There have been so many books written about women: how to be beautiful, attract the perfect soul mate, be successful in business. It’s almost like we are subtly telling women, you are not good enough as you are. Although there are not as many, men’s magazines  but they also try to sell better performance in bed, a better bod, a more successful portfolio.  Not one magazine for men or women that I know of, says it’s okay to be vulnerable.

But here’s the thing: we are beautiful just the way we are, even in our brokenness. We don’t need to “save face” or pretend to have it all together. What we need more than anything is to be genuine and honest. It will make the world a better, happier place. And in the end, I have a hunch it will make us happier too.

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