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What to look for in a good publicist by Tyler Blanski & Sherri Rosen (also on audio)

What to look for in a good Publicist 

What should we look for in a good publicist could depend on a lot of things. There are a lot of publicists, and all of them claim to offer the same thing. Yet, they are so different from one another—not only in their approach, but also in there results. We’ve distilled what could be described as the three core ingredients of a good publicist: honesty, reliability, positive results.

We have probably all heard the adage, “Any publicity is good publicity.” At first, the old saying sounds true. For example, if your name is getting out there and your product is being discovered and shared, isn’t that a good thing? Even if your book or film is getting blunt or even horrible reviews, isn’t it just a good thing to being getting reviews? Not at all.

Any publicity is not necessarily good publicity. At Sherri Rosen Publicity, we believe dishonest publicity is bad publicity. Period. Lies and exaggerations should never be a part of heralding and broadcasting a product. Not only do they deceive and disappoint: they eventually ruin any long-term goals because people lose confidence in the author, musician, or publicist’s words. Besides, it’s just plain wrong.

And so the first thing to look for in a publicist is trustworthiness. Are they down to earth and real? Are they frank and truthful, or do they exaggerate and puff up? Good publicity should be honest and genuine. It should be vibrant and vivacious too, but never at the expense of the truth.

The next thing to look for in a publicist is reliability. Are there approaches to marketing fickle and random, or do they have a strong work ethic? Do they have flair and exuberance in their work? Are they there even when the going gets rough? A good publicist should be ready to go into the ring– rain or shine. They should be dependable, loyal, and steadfast.

But also, good publicity means good results. Any publicity is not good publicity if it will only make you a one hit wonder or the town clown. Good publicity should not only draw attention to your project: it should also draw positive and long-term attention to your project. Good publicity is sustaining, constructive, and advantageous publicity. Good publicity shouldn’t shoot you out of the water only to let you fall back into oblivion. Good publicity should send you soaring for a life time.

And that’s what we try to do here at Sherri Rosen Publicity. We strive to offer genuine, reliable, and long-term positive publicity. We don’t want to just lob you out into the void. We want to get behind your book and project and give it wings. 

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