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All or nothing publicity

All or Nothing Publicity 

When it comes to publicity, it’s all or nothing. It’s not enough to stand at the side lines and take notes. Whether you’re a writer or an artist, if you want to get the word out about your work, you have got to dive in. It’s a beautiful leap, really. But it can be a scary one.

It’s like a battle, but not the kind where people get hurt, but the good kind, the kind where you’re spreading the good news in gentle but powerful ways. If you’re going to conquer a city, it’s not enough to go up the front gate. One must attack from every angle. So too with publicity.

It’s not enough to post on Facebook or through other the “front gate” avenues. One must catapult the message over into the public sphere with creative and innovative tactics. Launch testimonials from highly regarded people. Paratroop reviews from prestigious reviewers and magazines. Tunnel underground with published articles in journals and newspapers. Line up an artillery of bloggers. Network with other bloggers. Foster relationships. Build a community.

Hire a publicist, or get your publisher to hire a publicist. Publicists have fortified networks of contacts, news reporters, journalists, bloggers, radio hosts. Getting interviews on radio shows and television can go a long way, and hit a lot of people at one time. Find a like-minded publicist who resonates with what you’re doing, what you’re about.

Publicity can be overwhelming. There are so many roads to take, so many possibilities, so many approaches and avenues. It takes guts. You have to believe in yourself. You have to find your voice, and you have to dare to sing your audacious and beautiful song.

We here at Sherri Rosen Publicity believe publicity is an all or nothing deal. You give it everything you’ve got, or you don’t even bother. It’s never enough to do just one thing. You have to do it all—book signings, interviews, book clubs, reviews, ads, articles, blogs, television shows. The sky really is the limit. Heck, if we had the budget for it we’d fly a plane with a huge banner behind it shouting the good news about your project. That’s how serious and devoted we are to our work. We strive to do the best, most multi-faceted publicity we can. And we love every minute of it almost as much as we love the good work our clients do.

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