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Owning our mistakes-not blaming others


You know how when you do something wrong, and you really do not want to own up to it? Like, really, really don’t want to own up to it? There is good news: sometimes, it’s when things have been the darkest that we can turn around and shine. Mess ups can be hidden opportunities to sparkle.

Gaffes, faux pas, slips and blunders—everyone makes mistakes. But sometimes, to our horror, we realize that we’ve hurt a friend, broken trust, been selfish or self-absorbed, or slandered our neighbor. When this is the case, honesty really is the best policy.

Humiliating though it may be, owning up to our mistakes is the only option. Ego and pride are the only reasons why we refuse to shake hands or to call it quits. But whether it is in our business or in our personal relationships, if we are too proud to own up to our mistakes we’ll never be able to find reconciliation. Even if it’s a miscommunication or a small oversight on your part, confessing and apologizing can go a long way. Owning up to our mistakes builds bridges; rarely does it burn them. And we should be in the business of mending, not tearing down.

When we mess up, the only way to make it right is to own up to it. Only when we are humble and honest will we be able to bring healing to where there is hurt, make peace where there is enmity, restore friendly relations, and bring back together what was broken.

So…what are we waiting for? Isn’t it time to swallow our pride and own up to our mistakes? Let’s never stop trying to overcome our pride and sense of self-worth so that we might be more genuine, more real, and more loving. Nothing is so sweet as when we can bury the hatchet, declare a truce, forgive and forget, and become reconciled.

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