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Magic in every day life by Sherri Rosen

Magic in Everyday Life

Sometimes it seems incredibly difficult to understand that beauty and wonder, even magic, are all around us. Especially when something tragic happens—we lose a loved one, a home is lost, or the doctor’s diagnosis isn’t good. When bad things happen in our lives, our countries, other countries, or if we simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning it can be nearly impossible to remember that the miraculous is around every corner.

But when was the last time we realized, or even cared, that there is grandeur in our every day life? I had a Facebook friend write me a wonderful note the other day. “Sherri,” he said with gusto, “There is magic in every day life.” And I realized, in a kind of eureka moment, that mystery and wonder occur in my life every day.

Magic is sewn into the very fabric of our 24-hour day, seamlessly conjoined with the ordinary, the humdrum, the pragmatic obvious. It could be simple, quirky, seemingly ordinary, even, but we bump up against the most miraculous things: the clerk at the bank with the fresh tattoo, a woman great with child, a paperboy throwing newspapers, the smell of freshly baked croissants, the sound of rain. I walked through a garden recently. It was bare and naked from the winter’s cold drafts. Only a few Christmas lights moved in the wind, like ferries. I just stood there and prayed. It was beautiful. It was…magical.

Or I was recently walking and a young Hasidic boy popped into my path on the streets of New York City who asked my friend, “Are you Jewish?” She said, quietly, “No.” Then the boy looked up at me as I asked him, “Are you Jewish?” With earnest eyes he replied, “Yes!” It was the most heart warming, encouraging exchange. Though simple, his confidence and joy were…magical.

I have been blessed by the note my Facebook friend passed my way. It has reminded me that life is anything but ordinary. It is, rather, extraordinary. It is low-hung with beauty and mystery. Every day life is…magical.

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