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2013-Will it be a year of growing for you?

2013 – Will it Be A Year of Growing For You?

We’re all familiar with those self-help books and all the columns in the newspapers about New Year’s Resolutions. But do they actually help you? Are you goal oriented? Mission oriented? Or have you simply had enough? In a world of so much noise and busyness, is it time to just unplug and be—truly, be—present? Or is it time to get up and get going? And is it okay to live with uncertainty? Can you thrive not knowing specific details of how you’re going to make it on a day to day basis?

What does the new and green year of 2013 hold for you? Is there anything you would want to do—from finally cleaning out all of your stuff and giving it to someone in need or to beginning your own business because you hate what you are doing now or might not want to work for someone else? Is this the year that you will think more about others rather than you being the center of your world?  

Is this the year you finally look around in gratitude for all of the goodness in your life?  Is this the year you will reach out to others to support them because they don’t have a job, have lost their home, have ill health, your friendship ended in anger?  Is this the year you don’t have to be the biggest, the best, the richest, but the year to become the most authentic you?  Don’t waste anymore time.  It goes so fast.  It’s so fleeting.  Do it now, whatever that “It” is.

Tyler Blanski and myself, Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC wish you the best New Year.

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