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Jealousy by Sherri Rosen

Jealousy-that gnawing feeling that someone’s got it better than you. Like when you go to the gym and other women are thinner, tanner, more beautiful. They appear to be so much happier than you. Or you catch your lover looking longingly at someone else, and your relationship has run dry, and you can’t seem to hold their eye anymore. Or when you come home from a long day of work and pass your neighbor—you know, the neighbor who makes twice what you make.

But what if it’s a façade? What if being thinner, more successful, richer, does not necessarily equal being happier?

Material envy. Romantic jealousy. We are so often jealous of the success of others. We can be jealous of a successful rival or for the affections of our lover. What if happiness cannot be measured against other peoples’ success or great looks?

True joy, true contentment and self esteem must come from some deeper well than comparison. We will never be lighthearted or in good spirits if we are constantly trying to measure up or wishing we could have what others have (fame, fortune, beauty, health, talent, vision, courage, etc.). True bliss, true joy, comes from deep within our deep heart.

You’ve got to dig deep. You are beautiful—just the way you are. You are second to none, peerless, matchless, beautiful. Who cares if super mom next door has amazing abs or if macho man has an amazing condo and a Mercedes. There is no need to be jealous of what others have because even if we had it, we wouldn’t necessarily be happier

Joy is in us, we just have to find it. We are gifted, natural, amazing, just as we are. And we are so lovable. But we will never realize this basic truth if we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Jealousy is poisonous. It can kill us quietly and slowly. But self-esteem and contentment, these are priceless qualities. We are—right here, right now—irreplaceable, immeasurable, beyond price and wondrous. So: let’s stop comparing ourselves to others and sound our audacious Yippee!!!

Redhead's Rap, NYC  Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Redhead’s Rap, NYC
Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

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2 Responses to “Jealousy by Sherri Rosen”

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