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Shepherds Pie by Sherri Rosen

Have you ever tasted or made Shepherds Pie?

Here’s the recipe, it’s so simple. It’s made with chopped up hamburger, carrots, seasoning and mashed potatoes. You couldn’t get any simpler than that.
And that’s the way I want my business and personal life to be. As simple as making Shepherd’s Pie. I know when I make it and then eat it, I feel like
I have been totally nourished, and it reminds me of raising my family. My children used to love this dish, I think all children love this dish ( except for the veggies).
I remember my children sitting around the kitchen table, fighting over something, but animated, that’s for sure, and then I or my husband at the time
would bring out the Shepherds Pie, and everything stopped, completely quiet while enjoying the delicious meal placed in front of them.

In my business, I am direct with a potential client, will speak with them for a full half hour and explain the process and my fees. Simple and to the point,
like Shepherd’s Pie. Yes, I can enjoy fancy food, but I always seem to come back to the down home simple food when it comes to cooking and eating.

With a simple recipe you cannot get confused unless you really hate cooking. I try to keep that simplicity in my life. I tell the truth, not to hurt someone,
but to tell them where I am at and if they hire me because of my knowledge and honesty that’s a big plus for both of us. I try to do the same in my personal life.
Keeping it simple and being as honest as I can without the intention to deeply hurt another human being. It makes my life very simple, and I know that the
people in my life appreciate my simplicity.

My dad and I used to go to fancy restaurants together, but like myself, he always used to love simple food. I think his favorite food was scrambled eggs, toast, ham and a cup of coffee. And I loved sharing the meal with him. Perhaps that is where I got the taste for simplicity in food and in my life.

If you ask me a question, I will answer it to the best of my ability, without any bullshit. Ask some of my clients who have worked with me? Ask some of the
people who have remained in my life. It keeps everyone involved in my life from drowning in complications.

So the next time you go and complicate your life, think about Shepherds Pie and maybe, just maybe it will help to teach you to keep everything simple
and to the point.

Redhead's Rap, NYC  Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Redhead’s Rap, NYC
Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

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