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The All New Free Webinar For You by Sherri Rosen

The All New Free Webinar

A lot of writers, artists, athletes, doctors, lawyers etc. have questions. Good questions. Questions about where to go from here, how to get the word out, game plans, and goals. And so, to better serve my clients, I am launching an all new webinar. The goal is to help answer the questions people have about everything from how to self-publish to how to broadcast the good news of your project. But not in a wordy, hard to follow way. The new webinar is going to be clean, straightforward, and honest.

From hype and glamour to the slow, steady plodding of building relationships, there are countless approaches to publicity. And in a shrinking world of globalization, fast communication, and a constant bombardment of data, publicity has never been more important. Of the kaleidoscope of options out there, we here at Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC practice what we call “Inspirational Publicity.”

What is Inspirational Publicity? It’s when the publicist works with authors and book projects that inspire people to grow, to come alive, to be more awake and true to themselves. Inspirational Publicity is a vibrant, electric approach to do good in a world that, honestly, could use a little more good. We do not want to cause more harm in a hurting world. We want to promote more kindness. And so we celebrate and sing the praises of books et al that do just that—stir and awaken the soul, help us understand the human condition better and with more joy. How many publicists do you know that do that?

It may sound strange to say out loud, but writers need publicists. Without publicity, good books or any good works never leave the harbor. Publicists are like wind in the author’s sails (and sales). They launch them out onto seas of attention, energy, and word-of-mouth hearsay.

Once a month I will release a free webinar in an effort to get to know you, meet you, and perhaps assist you in making your project be all that it can be. Wings. Blue skies. Good reviews and great sales. I’ve had twenty years of experience in publicity, and I want to put those years to good use for your project. So. Join me. Let’s dream big, work hard, and make the impossible possible. Publicity is day labor, hard work. But there’s a little bit of magic in it too. It can make your dreams realities.

Redhead's Rap, NYC  Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Redhead’s Rap, NYC
Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

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