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As JT would say “Shower the people you love with love” by Sherri Rosen

Shower the People you Love with Love

Whenever it’s been one of those days—you know, the rainy,
gloomy, tough kind of days—I turn up James Taylor’s “Shower the People
you Love with Love”
and dance. It’s what I call a “hit,” a boost, an
adrenaline shot of what’s really important.

The song is timeless, a true classic. And lately, while I’ve been
grieving and mourning the recent events in Boston, the sheer cruelty
behind acts of terrorism, the song seems particularly relevant.

It’s only too easy to take life for granted. Too often we can live
with those we love without remembering what a beautiful,
incomprehensible gift they are. They are priceless, of enormous worth,
and yet we so often handle them carelessly. We act like they’ll be
around tomorrow no matter what: but what if there is a tragedy like
that of Boston? What if we never really can know what will happen
tomorrow, what will happen when we walk out the door that day?

This is why it’s so important to say those three simple words: “I love
you.” Say them when you wake up. Say them when you’re heading out the
door to work. Say them when you tuck in for the night. No matter what.
It’s never too late to say I love you. Our world is dry and thirsty
for love, good love, real love. And yet we can be so stubborn and
proud. For whatever reason, we learn to withhold love, to isolate
ourselves in tiny ways or big, and it all adds up to one big mess.

—And that’s when it’s time to turn up James Taylor’s “Shower the
People you Love with Love” and dance. That’s when it’s time to take a
“hit,” a boost, an adrenaline shot of what’s really important. We only
have this moment. We never know what is going to happen next, no
matter how comfortable or safe things seem now.

So. Today let’s take some time to dance. Let’s tell someone we love
‘em to pieces and mean it. Let’s give a hug. Let’s open up ourselves
to the possibility that peace must start in our own hearts and homes,
the places we work. Only then can we make the world a better place.

Shower the people you love with love

Shower the people you love with love

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2 Responses to “As JT would say “Shower the people you love with love” by Sherri Rosen”

  1. Stephanie Potter Says:

    Hi Sherri,
    Thank you for this sweet post. Seems like this past year was just one death and tragedy after another. During the days of the Boston tragedy, those of us in the northeast were all so affected, perhaps in ways we didn’t realize. The last day of the lockdown I remember doing just what you suggest here, and whenever something special came to mind sent it to a friend. These were days of remaining in prayer. Then, it was over and I took a walk, a glorious, sunny, early morning in April walk. After the deep prayer time, coming out was like those first few days of being in love. And I thought, we always hear “let go”. And when we need to it seems we can’t. And then I thought, “it is opening.” Opening like the buds of spring, opening the heart, simply opening. Yes, just like being in love. Back atcha girl!

  2. Don Says:

    Yes, wholeheartedly agreed. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, all we will ever have on this Earth is love. So love, love, love.

    Which reminds me of something my grandmother always said, “Give me my flowers while I’m here.”

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