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Servicing the client-what does that mean? by Sherri Rosen

Servicing the Client

In the publicity business there is a lot of talk about “servicing the
client.” But what does that even mean? You can have your car “serviced
regularly,” but is publicity like performing routine maintenance or
repair work on a vehicle or machine? You can keep a city “well
serviced,” but is publicity the same thing as supplying and
maintaining systems for public utilities and transportations?

At Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC the phrase “servicing the client” means so
much more. WE want to use and unearth our natural talents and finely tune
our skills to launch our clients into nothing less than success. We
labor in love to bring our client’s name, book, music, or business,
out into the sphere of public recognition. That’s why we put together
media lists on behalf of every client that are tailor-made for them
uniquely. And if they have any questions or reservations about the
project or want to go in another direction we will listen and work to
make that happen.

We want to help, to assist, to benefit our clientele. We work hard to
serve and to be useful, to do our clients a good turn. And we want to
do this in a way that is open and informative. We want our client’s
input, but also their faith that we know what we’re doing.

This is why we strive on a daily basis to keep our clients “up to
date” about our work, our plans, where a project is going. And if we
feel the client needs mentoring in the way they give interviews, or in
the way they are presenting themselves on Television, we will humbly
assist them to do better—even to the point of having a mock interview
with them. And if they live in New York City, we will even film the
client as though he or she is actually on Television. We help our
clients learn to fly before they jump the nest, as it were.

That’s what service is all about. Doing our damnedest to give you
wings. Making not only our authors’ books fly, but our authors soar or
whatever we are doing on behalf of our client.

Shower the people you love with love

Shower the people you love with love

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