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How to connect in a disconnected world by Sherri Rosen

How to Connect in a Disconnected World

The cover feature of Time Magazine a few weeks ago was the Me, Me, Me Generation. Young people today, the article argues, are lazy, narcissistic, and still living with their parents. They’ve become self-absorbed and shallow—at least, this is what the cover of Time Magazine suggests.

But I wonder if a more accurate description of the Me Generation is that they’ve simply become disconnected. Ironically, all of the technology that “connects” us to one another has actually disconnected us from one another. And it’s happened long before 2013.

How many times do you see people looking down in the street, across a dinner table, on a date, peering into the bright neon light of their cell phone or lap top? Oblivious to the people around them, half-aware of the real world they embody, they are absorbed in screens. They aren’t actually talking to one another; they’re Facebook messaging or texting. Many years ago I saw this happening in Madison Square Park, NYC. Two guys were walking together and both were on their cell phones speaking to someone else, talking to other people who were not in Madison Square Park.

We break up with people in emails. We give them Post It notes. Sometimes people will even break up with others through text messages. And I’ve been wondering: with all of this amazing technology, people have forgotten to sit together and actually have a conversation without the aid of technology. In order to say hi to my neighbor on the elevator I have to tap her first, to get her attention away from her cell phone, just to say hello. I share a story with my friend, and she doesn’t even remember what I said so I have to repeat the story again. Our technology has made us disconnected, or if we were disconnected in the first place, technology has made us even more disconnected.

What can we do to wake up? I believe that we still have the capacity to give and to serve. But we have become disconnected from one another. How can we re-connect? How can we become more human, not less human? What can we do to wake up, to not be a Me People but a You People?

When was the last time you looked in someone eyes and said “I love you?”

How do we reconnect with each other?

How do we reconnect with each other?

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