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Redhead’s Rap-Why pr is vital! by Sherri Rosen

Why PR is Vital

Some “experts” in the field of publishing have said that there is no need for PR. The idea is that author’s can do it themselves. In a world of Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and email, why hire a publicist? And in one sense, it is true: unlike never before, authors are able to reach people around the world with the news of their books. Thanks to the internet, they can herald their own books for free and get the word out. But, in an even more important sense, this is not true.

Facebook, blogs, and Twitter might help authors reach people they already know, and perhaps over time, that circle might broaden, but this is by no means the same as reaching wide global markets. An author’s social circle is comparably small, limited, and it could take a lifetime to build a platform by one’s daily labor of social networking. No amount of social networking can compare to a professional review, for example, or a radio or television interview to a wide and diverse audience. No amount of blogging will equal the powerful newsflash of a published article, or a professional interview.

So many authors are beautiful and extremely talented at writing books. They have a gift. But not all authors want to be publicists. PR is a totally different game than writing. It’s labor, day labor, and the hard work can be overwhelming for those who wish to do it themselves. Publicity is not at all the same thing as outlining a manuscript. Building a platform and sounding your swan song to America is not at all like crafting a character or penning a poem. And it’s frankly unfair to authors to put the burden of publicity on their own shoulders.

Writers should be able to write. They should be free to pursue the craft they love. They should be able to be what they are in their deep hearts—artists. And we here at Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC want to make that possible for them. We want to help artists live their art freely and see success without having to become embroiled in the mess of building a platform, endless tweets and Facebook posts. We want to give their book wings, to give them a voice. And that’s what professional PR is all about: author success without the author having to become something other than an author.

We want to tap into the soul of your book, find just the right audience for your project, and do the hard work for you. We work hard to sing your projects praises to the right online magazines, the right target markets, so that you can find success without having to become a DIY publicist yourself. In the end, nothing compares to the real thing. And as long as there are good books to be celebrated, professional publicity will be a vital link.

PR is vital!!

PR is vital!!

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