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“We are the world” by Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Watching this video this am. I asked myself ” does it take a tragedy to knockout our sh*t and allow our hearts to open?” In the video
all the famous people laid their egos at the door (at least I hope they did) and joined together to make the world a better
place after the earthquake in Haiti.

How does one make sense of all of the senseless violence, killings, wars, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods et al? When I watch and hear
a song like this that was created out of love, I just wonder to myself “does it always take a tragedy to open our hearts”?

A friend of mine and I were speaking yesterday about all of the beautiful monuments such at the World Trade Center Memorial,
Vietnam Memorial, The Holocaust Museum and I said “these monuments of beauty were created out of such horrendous situations, that I cannot
bring myself to visit any of them. It just brings up the pain and anguish of all the suffering we inflict on one another. I show my respect the way I live my life.
That’s the best that i can do.”

The world has been brought closer together because of the internet. We now see things happening all over the world in real time. Does it make a difference?
Absolutely!!! We can choose to continue to live in a state of isolation or realize that we are connected to people throughout the world. Can we do anything in our
own personal lives? You bet we can!!. We can realize that “We Are The World” and that each of our actions to ourselves and others has a great effect in our
day to day living.

I went to a jazz concert the other day, and this elderly man was sitting next to me at the concert. Each time they would give handouts
he would always make sure that he would get one for me, a complete stranger. A sweet act of kindness. One of the things he gave me was a sample cd by Queen Latifah
about her new show coming to tv in September, 20l3. Just handed it to me with a sweet smile. As I was leaving the concert I thanked him and began walking home down
Fifth Avenue in Harlem. There were a group of neighbors hanging out in front of their apartment just talking and being neighborly. I stopped and asked one of the
women “would you like this cd of Queen Latifah?” She was surprised at the offering but then a conversation began and they asked me about the concert and she
accepted the gift and I went on my way.

When you go about you day to day please realize that each of your actions no matter how small or large to yourself or one another can make the world a better
place. “We Are The World.”

The author of this piece

The author of this piece

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