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What I’ve Learned This Summer by Sherri Rosen

What I’ve Learned This Summer

Music is healing for the soul. Always said it, but really felt it this summer going to concerts, dancing outdoors,
and being truly connected through the music and realizing how sacred each day is.
No matter how bad you are feeling, make that connection to music. I guarantee it will help heal you from whatever it is you are suffering with. And invite others
to join in the music with you. Just to watch others take in the joy and the experience and seeing how happy they are is the greatest gift of all. It’s such a generous act of kindness.

Love. Falling in love. I realized this summer that I had one of the most sacred experiences with falling in love and it wasn’t about the other (the guy).
It was about me and the ability to stay open to that experience and realize how sacred it was. In the past I kept putting it out that it was because of the
guy, but it wasn’t. Yes, we had an unbelieveably powerful connection but it was me and connecting to a greater, universal love, that even if he isn’t
in my life, no one can take away from me. Not getting attached to the other and feeling as though they are the ones that bring in our happiness. We
have it within us all of the time. The one thing that did happen in this relationship is I met someone who could experience it with me and it helped
open me to more and more creative and sacred experiences in my life.

Having work that one is truly passionate about. I work with some amazing and talented people who are doing creative and imaginative things in the world.
It’s possible for all of you to be passionate about your work. Let’s face it we spend most of our day involved with work, so wouldn’t it be juicy and wonderful
to be doing something that we loved. I promise you it would not feel like work. It would be joy, pure joy. And making your home, your office fit to your needs.
Having it be a place of attractiveness that you look forward to being in daily. And keeping something fun or playful on your desk or a photo of someone dear to
you; that always helps for the really challenging days.

And, looking up from your smartphone when you are outside. See your surroundings, smile at someone, see all of the sites around you, perhaps even
a really cute guy or a gorgeous looking gal. There’s no telling what happens when you are outside and looking up instead of down.

And most of all the news and the upcoming elections in your state. Take a little bit at a time. Try not to get yourself too aggravated on what is going on
in politics, the environment, in the world. Perhaps if you take one small action, it will make you feel better and in some way you are contributing something,
but don’t feel you can change the world, you can only change yourself and then maybe some of that magic in your change will rub off on others.

Be kind to one another, no matter what is going on. You have no idea how powerful your words are and how powerful “I love you” is.

The author of this piece

The author of this piece

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