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From “The Other Side Of The Ice”-Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Headline: NEW YORK, NY (October, 2013): “Have I brought all of us together just to lead us to our deaths?”
– From the book The Other Side of The Ice

Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker and author Sprague Theobald has written a new book and created a documentary film called The Other Side of The Ice–a true story of survival, offering a glimpse into the treacherous 8,500-mile journey from Newport, Rhode Island through the Northwest Passage.

The five-month adventure takes on even deeper meaning as Theobald’s grown son and stepchildren decide to join in unexpectedly as crew, after years of separation and estrangement. Theobald also wanted to see the results of climate change in that area.

Once on board Bagan, their 57-foot Nordhavn trawler, an unexpected healing journey begins. Theobald has always had an affinity for the sea, from his three-year stint on the America’s Cup yacht, Intrepid, to his own voyages, logging over 40,000 open ocean miles.

The adventure progresses to the unforgiving Arctic sea route connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific. Over the past hundred years, numerous explorers and adventurers made the attempt, only to become trapped–sometimes fatally–by the weather and the ice. The end result? Under extreme circumstances, over the course of five months, Theobald’s family slowly reunites and heals.

In the beginning of the book/film you experience his children as upper middle class white kids that come from a world of elitism, but by the end of the journey both Theobald and his children have learned lessons that they perhaps could never have learned in one’s lifetime if not for this journey. Then there’s Clinton, the captain of the boat and his daughter’s boyfriend: he is the only one who does not change and is soon told to leave the voyage. Nothing more telling than seeing people’s courage or cowardliness when faced with impossible odds.

The videographers are amazing and you know they have an appreciation of the work they do by the stunning photos and film they created.

But the continuous gnawing question in Theobald’s mind on this most dangerous journey was, “have I brought all of us together just to lead us to our deaths?”

The New York Times: “…father attempts to make up for lost time, old wounds are reopened…”

The Hollywood Reporter: “…showcases both the emotional and physical pitfalls faced by this emotionally fraught crew.”

Travel & Leisure: “…far more than a simple tale of adventure…”

Variety: “…a gorgeous…armchair adventure”

This all makes for an amazing interview. We would like to book Sprague Theobald on your show.

About the author:
Sprague Theobald’s professional career includes years as a successful documentarian and broadcast journalist. He has received both national and international recognition for his writing, producing, cinematograph, and editing–including an Emmy Award for his America’s Cup documentary, The 25th Defense. Theobald currently operates his production company, Hole In The Wall Productions, in NYC.

"The Other Side of the Ice" by Sprague Theobald

“The Other Side of the Ice” by Sprague Theobald

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