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EROTICA-our guest blogger, author, Dixie Lynn Dwyer, for Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

I worked with Dixie a few months ago and I certainly enjoy EROTICA, and I happen to feel she is very good at what she does. Her books are fun and sexy and many are related to men in the military. I asked Dixie to be our guest blogger this week. Introduce herself and make it hot, and that’s what she has done.


My name is Dixie Lynn Dwyer, and I am an Erotic Romance Author for Siren Book Strand Publishing.
I had started out writing mainstream years ago, but always felt that something was missing in the action and the love scenes. There didn’t seem to be much of a soulful connection when the characters met and fell in love, or in lust. I started to take my writing up a notch, which sent me teetering between erotic romance and traditional sweet romance.
After releasing a few books under mainstream, my publisher suggested that I try to write a book with more sex scenes, more descriptive language, and to just let go of any stereotypical stigma attached to this genre.
Sex is a reality of life. People want to escape from the norm, the sadness of the news and the daily monotonous routines of their lives. I want to create stories and characters that do just that. Take my readers to another place, into the hearts and minds of those finding true love, while struggling to over come their pasts or some threat to their future.
I have written more than thirty books in this genre. I have six different best selling series, all unique and all stand alone novels. Today, I am sharing my latest release and another best selling series called POWER SURGE-The Billionaire Club- Journey To Fortune.
Enjoy the excerpt.


BLURB- POWER SURGE-The Billionaire Club-Journey To Fortune

Tia Rose Richman embraces the new woman she’s become after finally sticking up for herself in front of her coworkers. Giving in to her newfound sexuality and confidence while in Paris, she spends the weekend in the arms of a man she just met. When she returns to his hotel room, by request, she decides to put her new confidence to use, and climbs into bed with him. But the man is not Hudson Ross. It’s his twin brother, and she just allowed him to have his way with her most intimate parts.
She embraces the weekend in the arms of two brothers who make her feel beautiful despite her own negativity. Her last boyfriend complained about her weight and her insecurities. So when she returns to New York, why can’t she get Jagger and Hudson Ross out of her head? Can she survive the threat in the shadows and the persistence of two men who always get what they want?

She was so caught up in looking around the main lobby as Hudson escorted her to a private elevator. As soon as they were inside, despite being accompanied by a hotel employee who operated the elevator, Hudson cornered her. His hands caressed her hips, and his mouth took possession of her own. She didn’t have a care in the world until the elevator doors opened, and the doorman cleared his throat.
He smiled wide at them. Hudson tipped him and then exited the elevator. There was only one room on this wing. She saw the words on the gold plate. Executive Suite.
As he used his key card to unlock the door, she felt her belly do a series of twists and turns. Was she going through with this? She didn’t know this man at all.
He closed the door, pulled her into his arms, and pressed her hard against the door.
She gasped. He held her gaze, looked over her breasts and back to her face again.
“I feel so damn wild with need. It’s incredible. You do this to me, Tia Rose.”
His mouth covered hers, and the man took complete control of her body and her soul.
She wondered if he would take her right there against the door. It wouldn’t matter to her. She was so aroused and wet. But instead, he eased back slightly to lick across her neck and her cleavage then back up again.
His mouth was against her earlobe. He pulled it into his mouth between his teeth and pulled gently.
“Touch me. Please, touch me,” he whispered.
He sounded so desperate. Like he really wanted her and needed her or he would lose it. It was exactly how she felt about him. She pushed thoughts of Salvador, her one and only lover from her mind. He knew nothing about how to treat a woman and make her feel desired. Hudson was a pro, and she would relish in every sensation he gave her. Even if it were only for tonight.
She ran her hands up his tuxedo, and shoved the jacket away from his shoulders.
He only moved his hands from her body for a moment , to shake the jacket off.
It fell to the floor, and he grabbed her again, this time slipping his hand under her dress as he licked across her cleavage.
“Open for me, goddess. Let me feel that wet pussy of yours.”
Holy shit.
She moaned from his words alone, felt the cream fill her panties as she spread her feet apart, and welcomed his touch. She needed it. She wanted it so badly her pussy lips ached with need.
“Yes, oh God, Hudson, this is crazy.”
His fingers connected with her panties. “It is wild, crazy. I want you. I want you spread out on my bed where I can explore this voluptuous body of yours. You’re perfect. You’re beautiful. You’re all mine.” His fingers plunged up into her cunt.
“Oh, Hudson.” She gripped his shoulders, nearly ripping his shirt from his body. His mouth covered hers. He pressed his tongue in and out of her mouth, exploring her cavern deeply, while his fingers plunged similarly into her needy pussy.
She felt her body tighten and knew she was going to come. She wanted to holler to the Gods, and thank them for sending her here to Paris to meet Hudson, and to feel his fingers draw out her juices in pleasure.
She was panting and absorbed everything. The way she kicked back her heel against the door for leverage to pump her hips against his thick, hard fingers. She pressed her breasts forward, ran her fingers through his crew-cut hair, and kissed him deeply back.
What a sight she must look like. Hair a mess, dress up to her waist, garters showing and Hudson’s fingers disappeared between her slick folds.
She never felt so damn sexy in her entire life.
“Oh, oh, Hudson, I’m coming.”
He pulled his fingers from her cunt, and she gasped as she gripped his arms so she wouldn’t fall.
He pulled her to him. “Not here. In bed. My bed, where you belong.”
Then of course on Siren Book Strand under Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Erotic Romance Author

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