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Ann Tatlock is the author of ten novels. Her newest novel, Sweet Mercy, was released in May 2013 from Bethany House Publishers. Her previous novel, Promises to Keep, was a 2012 Christy Award winner, was named by Booklist Magazine as one of the top ten historical novels of the year, and is presently being made into a feature film by Big Film Factory. Ann enjoys teaching at various writers conferences throughout the year. She lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband Bob and their daughter, Laura. Her website is

TV Interviews – “I Can Do That!”

Ann Tatlock

As an author about to launch my tenth novel, I decided for the first time to hire a publicist to help promote it. No sooner had I signed with Sherri Rosen than she had me booked on two local television shows. I was terrified!
My entire curriculum vitae of television work was one appearance on the Bozo the Clown show when I was five years old. My most vivid memory of that hour is the wretched puppet with the big nose. All of us kids were invited to pinch his nose to make it honk. When I pinched it, the darn thing remained stubbornly silent. Not even the tiniest squeak wafted out of those giant nostrils. I walked away from the puppet feeling embarrassed and dejected.
With that televised failure under my belt, along with the fact that I’m an introvert, I knew I needed a plan and the proper mindset to get through these TV interviews.
If anyone else out there is nervous about an upcoming TV appearance, I’d like to share with you four simple thoughts and strategies that helped me face the cameras and, more than that, to enjoy the experience.

1. Producers want to help put you at ease, so don’t be afraid to ask for whatever makes you more comfortable.
Since one of my novels is being made into a movie, I asked the producers of both shows if I could invite my scriptwriter to appear with me. Both producers welcomed him and were excited to talk about both the new novel and the upcoming film. As for me, with a friend by my side, I felt much more confident and even had fun during the interviews.

2. Remember you’re there because you earned the privilege of being there.
If you hadn’t accomplished something, you probably wouldn’t be on the show. You can be proud of your accomplishment and take joy in the fact that others want to support you in your success.

3. Keep in mind that television appearances are relatively short.
When the intern at one of the TV stations told us our segment would last about four minutes (in a 30-minute show), I thought, “I can do that!” It seems that no sooner is the camera rolling than you’re wrapping it up. Your appearance may not always be this short, but you’ll be told beforehand how long you’ll be on the air. With that in mind, encourage yourself with these words: “Only ## minutes. I can do that!”

4. Think of the interview as simply having a conversation with your host.
Without a studio audience, this is exactly how it appears. There’s no one in the room but you, the host, a camera operator or two and maybe some other studio employees. Try if at all possible to put the viewing audience out of your mind and just have a friendly chat with the person who’s there promoting your book. The host is for you, and undoubtedly he or she is thrilled to have you on their show.

After I did these couple of television shows, family and friends assured me, “You didn’t look nervous at all!” Oddly enough, with these few simple thoughts and strategies in place, I actually wasn’t nervous. This time around I was able to “honk the puppet’s nose,” so to speak, and believe me, if I can do it, so can you!
author photo Ann Tatlock

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