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C. Bangs, Greg Matloff, Les Johnson-guest bloggers-Telling it like it is on climate change

These 3 experts tell it like it is and how we can change the direction of climate change in a positive way!
Two books address the ecological and environmental challenges that our planet is facing because of humankinds misuse of the resources that all of life depends upon. The solution for some of the concerns is to extend the biosphere and use the resources available in space. Solar energy and Space Based Solar Power, asteroid diversion and mining, mining in space and geo-engineering are discussed. Springer published Paradise and Biosphere is a self-published artist book that has been included in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum’s artist books.

Paradise Regained: The Regreening of Earth

Les Johnson, Greg Matloff and C Bangs ISBN 978-0-387-79985-8 Copernicus Books An Imprint of Springer Science

“What was our planet like before the advent of our modern civilization? What effects has our civilization had on the planet and its ecological systems? Paradise Regained discusses these questions and then creates a scenario for the re-greening of Earth.

The authors introduce new and innovative ideas on how humankind might use the resources of the solar system for terrestrial benefit. Earth would then become a place for a technologically advanced human civilization to live in synchronization, if not in harmony, with the environment which gave us birth. Since the formation of our solar system, the resources and ecological state of Earth have undergone many changes. The environmental challenges facing humanity today, as the authors posit them, will not be resolved simply by conservation and Earth-based alternative technologies.

Paradise Regained considers the environmental dilemma and highlights the risk of humankind’s future extinction from environmental degradation. Human population growth, climate change, and the strained sustainability of the few remaining habitats for wild life are all discussed. The authors, however, are not discouraged and offer a potential solution through the development of space. “In a compelling fashion, marries the ideals and goals of environmentalists and space technology advocates!” Suggests unique solutions to the problems of global warming and environmental degradation!” Describes how the development of space can preserve our society and help it continue to grow!” Shows how a pristine, non-polluted environment can be created and sustained! “Advocates the working together of the green movement and the space development communities. “

Biosphere Extension: Solar System Resources for the Earth

C Bangs & Greg Matloff Artist Book ISBN 978-1-257-65132-0

“The artist C Bangs and the astronomer Gregory Matloff are long time partners and collaborators whose mutual interests and complementary talents serve them well. For many years, Bangs has been the artist who provides the visual expression to Matloff’s scientific content. After eight books together and numerous NASA consultations and residencies, Bangs and Matloff have taken their work in a new direction. In this graphic interpretation of their scientific books, they have achieved another level; their work has never before been so well integrated, as they have found a method where text and image become one, rather than one illustrating the other. The more esoteric points of Matloff’s research find an accessibility, while Bangs more than ever seamlessly offers us, through imagery, a lyrical telling of their story for the quest to access solar system resources for the Earth.

The melding of art and science is not always an easy one, the scientific narrative is such a compelling one, it is easy for the artist to be overwhelmed. Through the experience of years, however, Bangs and Matloff have been able to whittle down their complex ideas into simplified language of both the literal and visual kind. Within this unconventional book format, they manage to maintain the essence of the idea in a more unusual form. The emphasis on the image in their joint work was a new challenge for the pair. With it also came the ability to reach a wider audience consisting of many who would not be familiar with Matloff’s research, but naturally have a curiosity for such work. In fact, outer space is a fascination common among us all, yet C Bangs and Gregory Matloff have presented us with a fresh approach, a unique way to explore the place of constant exploration.”

Maddy Rosenberg, Founder/Curator, CENTRAL BOOKING-Where artist C. Bangs work is shown

The Authors

C Bangs art investigates frontier science combined with symbolist figuration from an ecological feminist point of view. Her work is included in public and private collections as well as in books and journals. Public Collections include the British Interplanetary Society, Brooklyn Museum, Library of Congress, NASA’s Marshall Spaceflight Center, New York City College of Technology, Pratt Institute, Cornell University, and Pace University. Her art has been included in eight books and two peer- reviewed journal articles, several magazine articles and art catalogs. Merging art and science, she worked as a NASA Faculty Fellow; under a NASA grant she investigated holographic interstellar probe message plaques.

Greg Matloff, who generated the prose, is a space scientist, who has pioneered space-propulsion application of the solar sail and protecting the Earth from asteroid impacts. He has authored or co-authored 8 books and more than 100 scientific research papers. He is a Member of the International Academy of Astronautics and a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society. Dr. Matloff is a Hayden Associate at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. He has consulted for NASA and is an Emeritus Associate Professor and Adjunct Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at New York City College of Technology, CUNY. .

Les Johnson is currently the Deputy Manager for the Advanced Concepts Office at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Hunstville, Alabama. Previously, he managed NASA Marshall Science Programs and Project Office and In-Space Propulsion Technology Project. He is also an inventor, holding three patents, has contributed to numerous technical publications, and has co-authored two popular science books.

Video on Biosphere Extension

Experts on Climate Change

Experts on Climate Change

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    It looks wonderful! Continued Thanks for posting it in many places and especially here with the links working.

    We brought in the book yesterday to our editor and she will begin work after Thanksgiving.

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