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35 things that make a man sexy-and I bet it’s not what you think it is by Sherri Rosen

l.Sense of humor-Can you imagine all the things you go through, and being with someone that does not have a sense of humor. Yuck!! Or just having fun and laughing at how crazy your lives can be. Can be playful like 2 children. Loves to joke around and laugh. Knows how to have fun even doing nothing.
2.Smart-A man with great intelligence. It doesn’t have to be book intelligence, but intelligence about life and being alive.
3. Not afraid to feel-If a man cannot speak from his heart and only from his head, the relationship won’t become much of anything. Coming from his heart he is able to feel his feelings.
4.Open heart-This is the only way a man or woman are able to express their genuine feelings of all their emotions.
5.Adventurous in sex-not afraid of exploring different possibilities and being able to feel free in expressing himself.
6.Interested in what the partner has to say-gives his undivided attention without constantly looking at his smartphone.
7.Is honest and not afraid to speak his mind-meaning he does not have to be passive aggressive. He is not afraid of the truth and telling it like it is.
8.Looks you straight in the eyes-Not constantly looking around at other people, other men/women. Is present with the conversation. Doesn’t even have to say one wordl. Just looks.
9.Takes care of himself-Enjoys exercise, being active, and has not allowed himself to be a couch potato. Enjoys good food and has discipline about his eating and his exercise.
10.Gives you his undivided attention-He’s there for you. Not distracted by anything. As though you were the only person in the room.
11.Makes you feel safe with him-Knows how to speak up if someone is inappropriate to you and you can feel his respect for you.
12.Loves you as though you are the only woman he has ever been with-Doesn’t have to speak about past lover affairs, past lovers, comparing, but honestly make you feel that he has never met anyone quite like you. And he probably hasn’t.
13.Not afraid to show his limitations-If he makes a mistake he owns it. If he cannot do something he says so. Not afraid to be a fool.
14.Cares about his family-Shows you that he has respect, admiration and love for his family.
15.Isn’t threatened by you-Especially if you are outgoing, full of life and love, he doesn’t try to shut you down.
16.Can feel with his body-Is in touch with his body. He knows when he feels full, is angry, doesn’t feel well, when something isn’t right.
17.Be angry one minute and let it go the next-Doesn’t hold a grudge and continuously blame others for his mistakes.
18.Loves children-Has the playfulness and loves to watch children playing, interact with them and has patience with them.
19.Not afraid to try new things-Is willing to explore, travel to different countries, explore different parts of your hood, shows you his hood and both go to places you haven’t been to.
20.Enjoys differing opinions-Doesn’t get threatened by a difference of opinion in politics, about life, love. Is willing to be open and listen.
21.Not afraid to show how much he wants you. That can come through in body language, not afraid to show you affection in public, and you can feel when you look at one another you want each other so bad.
22.Cooks with you or cooks for you. There is nothing sexier then when a man cooks a meal for his partner or for friends, and if in a relationship cooking with one another while also being playful.
23.He has his life, you have yours, and you have the relationship-You both have your own life, don’t have to suffocate one another by always being together, but both know that by doing this you can come together and make the relationship very exciting.
24.Wants to work things out-If you have a problem, he isn’t afraid to sit down and listen, talk, and not shut the door on working things out and he means it.
25.Loves to stay in bed on a weekend and —————. This can be the best. It can be playful, having breakfast in bed, watching films, teasing and seducing and having sex.
26.Loves your body and doesn’t want to change it-When he looks at you he feels you are the most beautiful/handsome partner in the whole world.
27.Confident in who he is-Knows what he wants and is not afraid to ask for it. Doesn’t have to rely on you to take care of him. You both delight in taking care of one another, not because you have to but because you want to.
28. Enjoys you challenging him-He wants to be the best he can be and he wants someone right there beside him who wants that also, and if something doesn’t seem right, he talks about it to you and actually you turn one another on by the challenge.
29. Buys you something for no reason-Yes it’s great when he buys you something for a holiday but isn’t it cool when he buys you something for no reason at all and when you least expect it.
30.Loves sexting with you, and sex talk on the phone-loves to send little sexy notes during the day or calls up to do a bit of phone sex. Even leaves funny or sexy notes around your home together, or in separate places, perhaps a sexy note in the refrigerator.
31.It’s okay if he’s freaky and likes to do freaky things-If it’s cool with you, that’s great, but if not, that he respects what you will or won’t do.
32.Can be a friend and a lover-Many men confuse this and feel their partner can either be one or the other. Not true. You need a good friend to make a great lover. You can tell one another just about anything.
33.Artistic, creative-If he enjoys the art, likes to perform, sing, play music, paint or just enjoys the arts.
34.It’s not true that sexy is just about a man’s looks. It’s great if he’s good looking but to know that a man doesn’t take himself so seriously about himself is a real turn-on. Sexy is within him and the way he lives his life. He doesn’t objectify women. He appreciates them, respects them and doesn’t need to use them to get what he wants.
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