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Working With Anger by Sherri Rosen-Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Have you ever been angry with someone and have never told them? You might have decided that they
should know that you are angry with them, and because they haven’t brought it up, you just stop speaking to them?

Have you ever gotten angry with someone and you realized that your anger has nothing to do with the person you are angry with.
They just happened to trigger something within you that you haven’t worked through or have refused to look at?

Have you ever gotten angry with someone, spoke to them in a decent way and actually were able to work things out?

Have you ever gotten angry with someone, spoke to them about it in a decent way and still could not work things through? What did you do?
Did you end the relationship? Agree to disagree? Or did you just stop talking to that person?

I am bringing all of these things up because anger is such a powerful emotion and if not worked with properly can cause a great deal
of suffering for you and those around you.

When I was very young there was a great deal of anger in my biological family and I never saw anyone work things out. I just saw it used
in a destructive way and destroy relationships.

No one likes confrontations, at least I don’t. I know that if I am angry with someone, I first think it through and see if the person I am angry
with has just brought up some issues I need to deal with in my own personal life, or they have done something that is unacceptable to
me and I truly want to work things out.

I also know that some people I have tried to work things out with when there has been anger will just not talk about what is really going on or
not be aware or just end up defensive and twist everything I have said and build a wall so nothing can get through.

Some people use anger as a weapon to keep people away. If they are hurt inside, they won’t deal with the hurt, but the anger seems to be
the most accessible emotion to activate and results in pushing people away.

I have come to respect my anger and check it through before I speak to whomever I have to speak about it. Anger is there to tell you something
is not right with you, and you need to have the courage to see what is actually going on, and perhaps get out of the habitual pattern of blaming everything
onto someone else.

Working with anger

Working with anger

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