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Five Advantages Of Personalized Publicity As Opposed To Guerilla Publicity

Five Advantages of Personalized Publicity As Opposed to Guerilla Publicity

When choosing to invest in real estate, one of the primary factors to keep in mind is of course “location, location, location.” In publicity, reaching your target market is an absolute must if you want to get your voice heard. A successful publicist must therefore focus on “personalization, personalization, personalization.”

We tend to assume that only a big publicity firm will land us the coverage we need, and the profits we’re looking to gain. To our advantage, the Internet has opened up many creative opportunities to get us out there and at less than a fraction of the cost of hiring a big PR firm that focuses less on the proper target market and more on the publicity hype.

When sending a press release out there to people on a massive list, that really have no interest in what your client is about, why would you feel that you would benefit from guerilla publicity?
Five Advantages of Personalized Publicity

1. Customized lists: the perks of actually hiring a publicist who creates a personalized publicity strategy for you, is that she/he typically has a database of media contacts that you would have to pay for to access. A tactful publicist will sift through her lists, while picking and choosing the most relevant contacts for the client. Hiring a publicist who is used to building customized lists is a definite pro for another reason. It means that press contacts are used to getting relevant pitches from her. Guerilla marketers can send such irrelevant pitches to various media outlets, that those outlets have stopped looking at the marketers pitches altogether, either by email or phone. No one wants spam.

2. Blogger outreach: blogging is finally being taken seriously because we’ve seen that often getting an influencer or popular blogger to give you a shout out is all you need to get your sales up. Never underestimate the power of the blogger. Bloggers with a loyal following have the serious power of promotion. The only thing it will cost you is to send them your product for free so that they can review it. Worth it? We think so.

3. Twitter: perhaps no other social network embodies personalization the way that Twitter does. You can reach the biggest influencers with a simple tweet. How much more targeted can your outreach be?

4. Facebook: connecting to a community of like minded people and creating relationships to build on, so that when something new comes along, these folks have interest.

5. Hiring a publicist who has been in business for a long time and has established many relationships with folks in the media and works intimately with the client.

All of these tactics have to do with tailoring a publicity campaign towards your specific product or service. Like we said last week, we live in a world of competing voices. In order to make yours heard, you need to address a crowd that wants to hear you!

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