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Book Review:”You Are Buddha: A Guide To Becoming What You Are” by Dennis Hunter

The author is Dennis Hunter. I know Dennis through different Buddhist communities that he and I have been part of.

Dennis lived at a Buddhist Monastery, Gampo Abbey, in Nova Scotia for two intense years. He took temporary vows as a monk. I lived at Karme Choling which is a Buddhist Retreat Center in Barnet, Vt. for two years, I know how hard it is to make the kind of commitment that Dennis and I made, so when I heard about his above book coming out, which he wrote a lot of while at Gampo Abbey, I knew I wanted to review it. Incidentally, the amazing Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, used to be in charge of the Abbey.

One can change one’s life dramatically by doing what Dennis and I have done. Not for everyone, but for those that receive what I call “the calling.”

Dennis’s book is not just for Buddhists. Anyone can read it and receive something juicy from the book. He talks about really relating to his mind, seeing its wisdom and it’s shadow side, and offers ways through meditation of relating to your wisdom and to your shadow.

Your mind also refers to your speech and he shares with us about being mindful with everything we do and say. We can find peace within by taming our mind.

Dennis also offers ways in meditation we can connect with our bodies and our feelings. Most of us in the West relate from the neck up.

He also says we need to have a relationship with ourselves with a sense of love, kindness and respect. Above anything if there is no respect in relationships they will fail.

Checkout “You Are Buddha:A Guide To Becoming Who You Are”. There is something in it for everyone. Dennis is back in NYC now, working in marketing and in a relationship. You can friend him on FB.Dennis-1425674_10202498783820636_157251875_n
You Are Buddha_ A Guide to Becoming What You Are_ Dennis Hunter_ 9781499686197_ Amazon.com_ Books
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