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Sunday Brunch In Harlem by Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

I was fortunate enough to go outside on this beautiful summer Sunday and enjoy a wonderful brunch sitting outdoors. I was taking in the sights,
the delicious food, the people, and then the waiter delivered my iced coffee to me. I slowly poured the cream in the ice coffee and just allowed
the cream to wind itself slowly in a dance within the black coffee. So sensuous, that this woman yells over to me”That is so beautiful. You have
inspired me!” We smiled and I continued on my journey of eating the delicious food before me.
I then proceeded to walk down the avenue again taking in the beautiful day and I heard the sounds of gospel in the form of “This Little Light Of Mine I’m Going To Let It Shine
coming through the doors of Emmanuel Church-For All People-“A Little Church with a BIG Heart”. There was no hesitation. I just walked
right in and began dancing, singing and crying. The room was tiny but was filled with so much music and joy. Some folks just sat there, some babies
just looked around, and someone like me just let it all hangout to express my joy and sorrow and danced, moving my hips and lifting my arms and waving
to God.

I was an Interfaith Minister for Tribeca Spiritual Center in lower Manhattan for 7 years. I worked with Rev. William and Rev. Salima. When I was in
this gospel church in Harlem I could feel Rev. William’s presence within me even though he passed 2 l/2 months ago. I always used to sing the song
This Little Light Of Mine
” in our Center. So when the song moved me I began to cry about missing dear William, was grateful for all of the love in my
life, for the wonderful work that I have created, and feeling so at home in the church.

I continued dancing, listening to the choir, feeling spirit move me and knowing why I moved to a place like Harlem. The people who have always lived
in Harlem bringing such aliveness and joy to the neighborhood, and I am purposely leaving out any negativity that I see because of how joy has overtaken
me today.

I wanted to share this joy with all of you out there no matter what you are going through. When you hear that music, wherever and whenever you hear it,
allow it to move you.
Sunday brunch-photo

After Sunday Brunch-photo

2014-Sherri photo cropped version 1

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