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Self-Publishing or with Small Press?-Follow These Powerful Directions by Sherri Rosen

You can do this yourself. Some places will do this for you and charge you a lot of money.

Getting reviewed in these 3 publications can be a powerful impetus for people to buy your book!

If you are self publishing-make sure you go after these 3 places: Publisher’s Weekly Select for Self-Published Authors, Library Journal
and Kirkus. These 3 want your book/manuscript 3 months in advance in order to review. Go onto their website and see what
they require you do to send in your manuscript for review. Some will charge you a fee, but nowhere as expensive as if someone
else does it on your behalf.

Also enter your book into book festivals around the country. This looks very impressive when your book has won awards in
these book festivals. You are then able to use the term “award winning” to describe your book.

Also obtain testimonials from well known people to put on the back cover of the book if it’s in soft cover, and put it into
the beginning few pages if an ebook. People love to see famous and well known people that have acknowledged this book.
Make sure it’s acknowledgements from folks you hold in high regard and respect.

Try to obtain as many reviews as you can up on your website from folks who have read your book. And make sure you do have
a website so media and the public can familiarize themselves with you. Perhaps a short video of you in action showing media
how you would look on television or sound on the radio.

This is just a small part of what needs to be done, but these are powerful tools on putting you in the right direction.

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