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20 Ways Towards A Happy Relationship by Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

I have been in a few long term relationships and a few short term and i’ve learned a lot from these relationships that I want to share with you to
have a happy relationship.

Some are:

l. Love Myself.- This is no BS. If I don’t truly love myself, forget about having a relationship that makes me happy. Meaning I really like who I am, even
with my limitations. I cannot keep expecting the outside world to love me.

2. Respect Myself.- If I do not have a sense of respect about who I am and that I deserve to be treated respectfully, forget about it in a relationship. Again, me
looking to someone else to respect me when I don’t care about myself-it ain’t gonna happen from the outside.

3. I learned to not look for the other person to fulfill all of my needs-If I haven’t worked on myself and know my strengths and weaknesses, I no longer look on the outside for someone to
give me what I don’t understand about myself. Example: If I am not a highly passionate human being, I don’t look for someone else to fulfill that need. It may work in the beginning but sooner or later the fire goes out. It’s like pouring water on a fire by looking for someone else to give me the passion. And I learned not to be afraid of being sexy. And if was afraid of my sexuality, I found out why.

4. If I am passionate and meetup with another passionate person-This can be dynamite. 2 kindred spirits with amazing chemistry, but I have found if there is nothing else in the relationship to support the passion, meaning integrity, honesty, et al, it won’t last. It has become an exciting memory

5. Space in a relationship-At one point I didn’t like spending time alone and always had to be with the person, I began to get suffocated and any of the good stuff
would just disappear. I was willing to have the courage to learn how to be alone and to learn how to enjoy myself being alone.

6. Understand there are some things that don’t have to be worked through with the other person-Understand when I have stuff that has been triggered in a relationship, and I
realize that I have more stuff to work on. I don’t bring my partner into stuff that’s mine, that I need to work on. Your partner doesn’t need to know unless he/she brings it up.

7. I don’t BLAME!-I used to be in relationships blaming one another and never taking responsibility for our actions, forget about it. That was and is a setup to fail.

8. Take separate vacations-I can only do this if there is a definite sense of trust in the relationship. If that element of basic trust isn’t there, either one of us
will go out of our minds while the other one is away.

9. Forget about me or my mate not looking at other guys/women et al-whatever the choice-Forget about us not looking at other people of choice. We are human. We will
definitely be attracted to other people. Unless I have decided to be in an open relationship-where both can sleep with other people, I don’t expect my partner
to not be attracted to other people when I am with him. I know. We are not stupid unless we are in a place of deep denial.

10. Being honest with one another-Don’t expect me to know what you are thinking. That is something that happened when we were very young, but
if you are still doing it as an adult, it will cause so much conflict, acting out, resentment. You’ve got to talk to me about these things, even if they are scary to you and vice versa.

11. Allow myself to be vulnerable-If I allow myself and my partner to be vulnerable, as much as showing them a side of me that I don’t want them
to know about, I show it to them. It’s a way towards intimacy.

12. Don’t lose the sexiness in relationship- As we all know the sexiness in the beginning of a relationship is on fire. After we’ve been together for at leas
2 years, I see changes, and my life will change, and I need to be aware of what’s going on, and that both of us need to do something to put that “charge back into the relationship.

13. Cook one another delicious meals. Go on a spontaneous picnic even if you have to have the picnic on the floor in the middle of winter. it is truly fun!
Leave love notes in the freezer.

14. I cannot stress this enough. If I promise to call, to take him/her out, to meet up at a certain place, take him/her to a special place-KEEP MY WORD.
Nothing spells SELFISH more than a person who does not keep their word. Just imagine me doing this with my children and how it will affect them.

15. I DO NOt have to be the savior in a relationship. Meaning I all of these red lights in the beginning of our relationship but I feel you will
change with love. Is not going to happen. I am not going to save anyone and I will end up getting myself really messed up.

l6. If I am with someone of a different culture, different religion, I really checkout if it will work for each of us and for the relationship. I may have completely
different beliefs. And I am not going to change the other person. If I can go into the relationship accepting what is, there is a good
chance everything will be ok.

l7. If I feel your mate’s family comes first before me, much resentment can build up and it could
be the kiss of death of a relationship. Who am I in relationship with? My love or the entire family?

l8. If I feel intimacy is about buying my companion whatever they want to keep them happy, I am so wrong. This gets old very fast. Meaning in the beginning
if it’s all these gorgeous gifts that keep coming at my love and my love is in heaven, but then I want to talk to my partner and work something out and they
just want to continue to go shopping, mainly to keep me quiet.

19.If I make more money than the other- can we both deal with that? If I get jealous or resentful can we sit down and talk about it and work things out? Or do
I just make sarcastic remarks to you? Usually with sarcasm there is an element of truth there that needs to be paid attention to.

20. I make my partner the most important person in the world to me. Yes, we both have a life, but when it comes to the two of us, we both
are priority for another. And don’t let the “I love you” leave the relationship. But also I don’t say “I love you” as though I am on a rote button. I mean what i say and say
what I mean and make one another feel delicious!!!!

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