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Getting Your Book Into Libraries-You’ve Got To Be Pro-Active by Sherri Rosen

Whether you are a self-published or published author, to get your book out there you must be pro-active.

Meaning if you see your publisher isn’t doing some of the things you want them to do, bring up these suggestions. If they
say “no”, ask them how you may do it yourself. If you are self- published, yes, you have to do everything yourself, but if
you have some money put away, use it to hire a great professional and make sure the creation of your book looks professional.

Now for getting into libraries. Firstly, see if the library has an Acquisitions Editor, who buys the books for the library. Call
the library you are interested in and see if they have an Acquisitions Editor, speak to them and see how your book can be
carried in their library. This is a grueling process so perhaps hire an intern or an assistant to do the research on all of this.

Sometimes going by your local library and asking them if they take donations of books, you can donate your book and open
up a discussion on giving a talk at the library (for free). And the library may then want to stock your book.

To get an Acquisitions Editor’s attention show them some reviews you have received in Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, Booklist, Library

Many libraries pay attention to reader’s requests. Have your friends and family go into the library and ask if they are carrying your
specific book. Perhaps you can rent out a room in the library to give a speaking engagement, or speak to the library about them
having you give a speaking engagement about your book at their library.

If you have friends that are involved in academics at a local college or university, some libraries will take direct requests from local
academics and staff.

Many libraries will host a book event that would be a fundraiser, highlight local authors, Go into your library, make that phone call

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