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Another Sunday Blessing by Sherri Rosen

Yesterday I went to see a big Broadway musical “Once.” I had seen the film with Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. The film was amazing along with all of the
songs in the film, especially “Falling Slowly“. As a result, a musical was created on Broadway and won 8 Tony Awards. But there I was sitting in the theatre completely bored.

The intimacy and the connection between the 2 leads just wasn’t there the way it was in the film. There was complete magic in the film and I was fortunate
to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform in person at The Beacon Theatre in NYC and they were just as amazing as in the film. At the time this was all going on, I
believe they actually had a love affair with one another. Which made it even sweeter.

So there was pure disappointment on my part while watching the first act plus the seats are made for very small people and I am not one of them. So with all that said,
I left after the first act, but I wanted to share the most important thing that happened to me before the play actually had begun.

I received another Sunday blessing!

I had come one hour earlier to pickup my ticket and was online waiting to get the ticket for about l/2 hour. When I get to the ticket window the guy tells me that they
haven’t arrived and to come back in l/2 hour. I get my tickets to Broadway plays, at least some of them, through this organization called Theatre Development Fund.
They are able to sell tickets for as low as $45.00, but you don’t have any idea where you will be seated. Usually I get orchestra seats. In any event, that is why I had
to come back.

Anyway, back to the ticket window. So the guy tells me that the show begins at 3pm not at 2pm which I mistakenly thought it was. So I leave and wander and come
back to the theatre and this time there is a huge long line waiting for tickets and just one ticket window open, and it’s getting crowded in the lobby, so much so
that this theatre usher comes out and begins yelling at everyone to “get out and form a line in the street” into the hot and muggy street may I add. I am not moving!
So when the usher gets to me I say to her “this is my second wait online, I was told to come back. My knees are not in good shape, may I please just get my ticket
at the box office?” The theatre usher was not having any of it, so I looked over at the next lady in line and she basically didn’t know what to do, but this
woman behind her, smiled at me and motioned to me to go ahead of her so that I could pickup my ticket.

She looked at me with the kindest face in the whole entire world and says “I know so many folks who have trouble with their knees” and I tell her that I am having double
knee surgery in January. She then gives me that beautiful kind look and says “everyone I know that has done it is so glad they did it and wondered why they didn’t do
it sooner.” I looked at her and said “I am so lucky I met you today. You have made me feel so wonderful and you are my Sunday blessing.” We smiled at one another,
I picked up my ticket, waved goodbye to the lady and went on my way to wait for another l/2 hour until the play began.

So I left the play after the first act and I walk outside and it is so dark it looks like it is going to pour at any moment. I immediately get to the bus stop and there the bus is,
and i get on and it begins to thunder and lightening and pour like crazy, and to top it all off I get a seat! Now mind you, everyone is getting on at different stops, people
with baby carriages, walkers, canes, children et al. It was craziness on the bus. But there I was with a seat, out of the wind and rain and thunder and lightening/ Plus, when I get off the bus it is pouring once again. But did I let it deter me? No way! I put my umbrella up and began
walking in the drenching rain. It actually felt good because it was such a hot and humid day and nothing was going to ruin my Sunday blessing.

It's me, the author :)

It’s me, the author 🙂

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