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Meet Ines from Brownsville, NY-by Sherri Rosen

I met Ines at a performance of “Brownsville” at Lincoln Center, NYC. She told me she wanted to be a singer
but she was terrified every time she would get up to sing.

I told her I was always scared before I performed and she was not alone in her fear. Ines lives in Brownsville,
which is a dangerous part of Brooklyn. She wants to get out. Her friends don’t understand why she wants
to leave. I told her to stick with her dream and don’t allow her fear to stop her.

When we came outside after the performance we met an officer on duty-Officer Litt. I told him Ines wanted to be
a singer, and then I coaxed her to sing to both of us, and she did. She then reached into her bag and gave the
officer and myself a card where we could come see her perform and sing at Brooklyn College next week. She took
that card out without any hesitation and with all of the confidence in the world.

Officer Litt wished her good luck as we were all parting and I said once again to Ines “Don’t give up on your dream!

What’s your dream? What do you want? Do you want it bad enough to make it happen?

Meet Ines from Brownsville, NY

Meet Ines from Brownsville, NY

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