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8 Things That Piss Me Off on FB by Sherri Rosen

Through the years I myself have changed and I have witnessed other folks go through amazing changes, but the one thing that makes me sick to my stomach
is if their epiphany is constantly laid out in my lap. If they are constantly telling me that what they’ve done makes them a better person than myself and if
that doesn’t work using all sorts of tactics to “help” me to change. I mainly find this on FB. These are some of the things that do not help me and actually make me sick:

1. If you have changed your lifestyle-moved to another country-live in the woods-have an appreciation and high regard for animals please don’t keep
trying to shame me by posting photos of violence against animals or people in foreign lands and telling me that if I don’t act I will regret it for the rest of
my life and you are a much better person than I for posting the photos and shaming people for not taking the same actions that you have.

2. Don’t keep telling me that if I change for the good I will always attract the best people in my life! Not true!! I consider myself a wonderful person and many
shitty people have come into my life, but it’s my discretion that’s needed in whether they will stay or not.

3. You try to shame people if they don’t agree with you! Don’t keep posting photos of Israel and how wonderful the Israelis are and telling me how bad
the Palestinians are. And vice versa. Don’t keep posting photos of Palestinians and telling me how bad the Israelis are. There are 2 sides to every story and I want
to know both sides.

4. You are a stranger to me on FB and at times you’ve messaged me asking questions about your writing and different challenges you have faced and have come through.
Don’t keep messaging me continuously with more questions until I have to ask you to kindly stop. You have mistaken my kindness for someone you can use.

5. Perhaps playing games on FB is your way of making friends, and that’s fine and I am happy for you but please don’t keep sending me friend requests to play games
with you when I constantly ignore those requests.

6. FB allowing ads to go up with my name and other’s people’s name as though we have endorsed these products, which I know I have not. FB you keep sending the message that it’s okay to be dishonest. I have written to you FB about this problem but you have never responded.

7. I gather you are a religious person because you keep posting that if I have this belief in God everything will be okay. I respect your beliefs but every once in awhile it
gets a bit much for me. I believe in God but it happens to be a private relationship between me and God.

8. Posting information that is not true. I’ve done this a few times myself on FB, but after a few mistakes I learned about Snopes.Com and about checking to see if the story is
true or false.

Other than what I’ve shared that pisses me off on FB, everything else is cool. I feel so grateful to connect with folks all over the world and with most folks who are quite
wonderful. I have also learned about patience with the things that piss me off on FB, but I felt it would be okay to get it out of my system and write about it and see if anyone
else feels the same way or has other things that piss them off on FB. If you do would love you to share. Now is the time to do it!!!

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