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The Story Is Much Bigger Than Brian Williams Getting Suspended!!

Probably many of you, like myself, enjoyed watching Brian Williams on his nightly news show because there was a sense of trust, and I also loved that he had a great
sense of humor. And then the sh*t hit the fan when we found out he had been lying to us.

I think the larger topic in all of this is the American people have been lied to so much not only by newscasters, but our government with the Iraq War et al. Being lied to so much that does anyone know what honesty and integrity is anymore? Does it count for anything?

Many years ago I lived in downtown Brooklyn, New York. I had been elected as a delegate for the big presidential convention, but could not go because I was sick. Some of the organizations
in the community saw that I was so successful in my nomination as a delegate that they wanted me to run for the Assembly person’s seat that was becoming available. I told these people that
I had been in meetings with city government in Brooklyn and could hear and see the lying that was going on, and I knew that I just could not deal with it. You’ve got to be the kind of person
that wants to go past the lies and deal with the truth, but i knew I didn’t have that kind of strength to do that so I declined.

Recently many parents have not given their children their vaccines and then the outbreak of measles at Disneyland. There have been terrible things said on both sides, those that believe
in the vaccines and those that don’t. But my personal feeling is that the reason parents are hesitant about these vaccines is because they have been lied to so much by the government.
Being told the vaccines are safe then finding out perhaps they are not. Yes, I realize that a lot of these diseases have disappeared because of the vaccines, but again I believe the bigger
picture is because we have been lied to so much, that we begin to question everything that we took for granted. Although I truly believe we need to always question everything no matter
if the majority is going along with it.

I hope the point isn’t lost in this Brian Williams debacle. Why haven’t other newscasters been called out for lying and getting the wrong story on the Iraq War? Brian Williams is being used
to make a point, and then do you think that will be the end of it? Do you think there will be an even bigger debate about the American public being lied to about many things in this

The irony of this whole story is the timing that Jon Stewart made the announcement yesterday that he is leaving his show. I think the timing on that was well thought out when the Brian Williams story
broke. Being in pr I know that media uses these situations for their advantage. And because Stewart always reported the lies that were being told to us.

I, being the positive person that I am only hope that something good happens out of all of this and some big changes regarding truth and integrity come to the forefront. Years ago, children
were taught Civics in school. In Civics you were taught about how to help your community, how to help your fellow man. For some reason Civics was taken away from our public school system,
and I believe we need it now more than ever.

How do you feel about all that is going on? Would love to hear from you as long as it’s not a personal attack. This blog is my own personal opinions, and I welcome differing opinions but I do not welcome personal attacks!

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