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Kicking Ass on Ageism in the USA!!! by Sherri Rosen

A few years ago I did a book of nudes of myself as an older woman. It’s called: Ripe: Aging With Authenticity And Grace.” I haven’t wanted anyone except my friends to see it until now. I
feel it’s an important time to kick ass on Ageism and to kick ass on older women being sexy as hell as they age. And the BS that older women don’t want sex. What lies has the media
given all of us.

The time is right for me now. Elephant Journal, an online magazine that I write for, is going to publish the photos and the text I put with the photos. This magazine
is appropriate for me because they have integrity and their readers are like minded people like myself.

With all of the plastic surgery in the USA, women still don’t get it their face is artwork of a life well lived. They take away their beauty of aging with plastic surgery and all we can see is plastic.

There are 7 cultures throughout the world that appreciate aging. Elders are honored and respected and many folks come to speak to them to gain some insight and wisdom. Here in the USA
women tell me they feel so ignored once they hit a certain age. We also put elders in nursing homes so we don’t have to deal with them or see them. So I thought it was time to KICK AGEISM TO THE CURB!!!

It’s an honor for me to age even if it’s filled with challenges, and I have gained so much wisdom and I still feel sexy as hell as I am aging. I feel it’s time to leave a positive legacy
to the next generation of enjoying aging and them not being fearful that they will be invisible.

When the photos and text go up in Elephant Journal I will send you all the link. I will also put nude photos in the subject line in case some of you would be offended. I want to respect
everyone including myself.

This is one of my methods of KICKING ASS OUT OF AGEISM!!!!
400-Sherri Rosen RED - rectangular photo, enlarged  (400x533)

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