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Her Name Is Christa Victoria! by Sherri Rosen

Christa Victoria is a dear friend of mine.

She is a performer, writes her own music, therapist, author and I could go on and on. Her name is perfect for her because I see
the light of Christ coming through her and she comes through always victoriously with all of the pain and anguish she has been faced with.

She just created the music, wrote the songs and sang some of the songs for “Dancing On Eggshells” which was playing at The Billie Holiday Theatre in Brooklyn, New York.

Christa is powerful, talented, almost want to call her a genius but that word is overused, but you get my drift. As far as I know most men cannot
meet her on her level because she’s done so much work on herself and is so powerful. She’s beautiful, sexy, has a great laugh and listening to
her sing is like magic.

While I was at “Dancing On Eggshells” I was deeply touched. Besides the actors being so powerful and a true ensemble, Christa’s music
matched this theatre piece which was powerful, sad, deeply sad, violent, painful and just matched what was going on in the play.

Being Christa’s friend I kknow she has experienced deep pain and she puts that pain and her soul into her music. You would hear it if
you heard her sing and heard the music in “Dancing On Eggshells.”

When I went up to her after the play was over she was standing in the lobby selling her cd’s and my friend and I went over to hug her and tell
her how amazing the play was. While I hugged Christa I whispered to her that I could feel the blues deep from her soul in her music and the depth
of her maturity and it made me cry. I cried because her music touched me to the soul with the pain that I ‘ve experienced in my own life. That’s
a true artist.

. I’ve know Christa for quite a number of years,
and I could feel the depth of her creativity that has changed so much through the years. It’s fabulous when an artist uses their life experience in their
work. It helps people connect to their own blues.

If you ever see her name and she’s performing somewhere, go see her! Meet her! She’s so accessible and you will have an evening of magic!

Her website is Www.ChristaVictoria.Com

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One Response to “Her Name Is Christa Victoria! by Sherri Rosen”

  1. Evie Says:

    Thank you very much for your article!
    I would have loved to meet her, but unfortunately she died…Do you know what happened?

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