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The Feel Good Pope Is In NYC And I Am Happy by Sherri Rosen

I’m not Catholic. So what! Doesn’t mean a thing. This Pope is a blessing for all of us. I feel NYC is blessed with him coming into our city. He’s so
different from the past Popes. He actually seems to really care about all of the wrongs in the Catholic church and is doing something about it. He
actually believes in climate change and wants to do something about it. When in Washington some of the Republicans, so they say, wanted to be
with him for dinner and he wanted to hangout with the homeless instead. Actually I wish he could knock some sense into our Republican party.

I’m not religious, but I do care about body, mind and spirit. As the book world calls it now: BMS! I’ve somehow always managed to be part of a BMS
community no matter where I have lived. They have either been right in the City or I have had to travel to Ct. or Vermont to be part of the communities
and the different programs they were having. Involving me in BMS has made me a better person. I really work on myself from the inside out and it’s made
all of the difference in the world. I did meditation, yoga, mindfulness long before it became trendy, but I am so glad it’s a part of our culture now. Years ago
if I was going on a retreat, doing meditation or yoga, I would never say a word because folks thought I was weird. But actually through the years I realize
being called weird is a good thing. To me it’s about taking the road less travelled and I am proud of it because it has taken great courage not to follow the pack.

When you look at the faces of the people who are in the presence of the Pope, they are so happy. I know when folks are lined up to see him in NYC they will
have that same happy look on their faces. This is a feel good Pope. And when they scoop up young children and babies to be blessed by him it just gives me
chills. Won’t those families and maybe some of the children have this powerful memory for a lifetime. Right now I wouldn’t mind being blessed by the Pope in person, but
I can accept him blessing me and my city just by being here.

I remember being in the presence of the Dalai Lama when he was giving one of his teachings at The Beacon Theatre in NYC, and I felt totally blessed being in his presence.
Sometimes I didn’t understand some of his teachings, but it didn’t matter, his presence was a blessing. And he was always laughing and smiling. His country of Tibet was taken away from him, he had to flee his country when he was little, settle in Dharmasala, India and will probably never be able to go back to his homeland, but that hasn’t stopped him from radiating being a truly happy person. That’s a huge lesson to any of us that have him as our teacher.

Some folks don’t feel comfortable praying for whatever reason, but I love to pray. It makes me feel good all over and I can speak to whomever I want to in my prayers. I not only pray for myself but for many others, many countries, our whole world. There’s always a lot for me to pray about. Sometime I have conversations with God and they are not always pleasant conversations. In Buddhism, I was told their was no belief in God, but that didn’t make any difference to me. If I feel there’s a God, then I pray to God. Actually my belief about God is that he/she is within all of us and I am praying to the God within me. Maybe doesn’t make sense to you, but to me it does.

I belong to a community now called Mindful Harlem in Harlem, New York. They have mindfulness teachings from Jon Kabat Zinn. I’ve been part of the community for almost one year now, and I am so lucky that it is one block away from my home. The 2 leaders involved are wonderful and the community is great! I feel a part of something that is doing something good in the world. I hope to become more involved and work with people on meditation, and perhaps go to different groups around the city to explain about our community and just what we do.

So I send my blessings to this feel good Pope and I hope he is able to make some very positive changes within his own church and within the world. By the way, I call him
the feel good Pope, because I feel he is very genuine and says what he means. I believe another stop the Pope will make will be somewhere in Harlem, but I am not one for big crowds so I doubt whether I will see him unless some unexpected magic happens. Thank you for being, you dear, dear Pope.

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