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Having Outrageousness in your Business & Personal Life by Sherri Rosen

I am walking by the Armani Store in NYC and see some black high top shoes with gold polka dots in the window. They are totally outrageous and totally expensive. I went home and I bought a pair of plain black high top shoes and then asked my friend, Amy Rosenberg, a most talented artist, if she would design gold polka dots all over the shoes. And she did! And I did not have to pay the Armani price! And you can see the shoes below.

I am not saying that everyone needs to have the same taste as myself, which they don’t, but what I am saying is that in some way in your life allow outrageousness to come through. This is one of the ways it comes through in my life.

Perhaps it could be that you jump right in and do something you have never done before like travel alone, go into a new neighborhood and get lost on purpose, smile at a stranger in the street, pick up the phone and call someone to say “I’m sorry for hurting you.” It could be anything but totally outrageous to who you are.

I just happen to dress outrageously and do some outrageous acts of courage in my personal and business life. One of the outrageous acts was after many years of trying to get my client connected to Oprah I was able to do it in a place of 6,000 people, Radio City Music Hall, by an act of outrageousness.

It may not be in your comfort zone to be outrageous but if you try it you can create magic or it can turnout to be nothing at all. But you never know until you try. Just do something you have never done before and see what happens. And, most importantly, do not have any expectations, because you will set yourself up to be so disappointed if it does not workout that way you had hoped.

Each day try one act of outrageousness.

Outrageous High Tops

Outrageous High Tops

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